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We (roman375 and I) don't really give a crap about big sales copies, so straight to the point - here's what we have on offer

We did a lot of split and beta tests and the results are off the hook. I, myself, was able to recover a small site that was hit by the panda update on Oct 14th with the Wikis alone. The sh*t just works and it works very very well!

We are always happy to help via Skype (janis.thies or roman3755) or via E-Mail/PM ([email protected]) – we stick to our TAT and most importantly, we deliver results.


Originally Posted by onlinemoniez

Communication: These guys are true professionals. They responded very quickly and addressed my questions and concerns without a hitch.

Report: I was expecting the spin-job on these to be very poor, since they stated that it wouldn't be readable in the description; and when people say that, they usually mean it.

I was pleasantly surprised, however, when I went through my list of links. These spins are exponentially better than the spins most other providers produce.

As far as the actual report is concerned, you receive a simple, CLEAN report. Perfect.


This is what everyone cares about. Communication and reports can be immaculate, but if you pay for something and it doesn't produce movement, no one cares.

I recently had a client tank in the serps for a lot of keywords. I threw this beast-master at it, and within a few days I had nearly recovered for all keywords.

This $49 dollar package saved me from losing a sizable client paying serious money every month.

Now that's a fucking investment.

Originally Posted by JPednaud

First impressions, absolutely amazing job. Just got my report and everything looks great.
My order was no doubt a difficult one due to my very unique niche and the fact it's not really a commercial website - I'm trying to refocus my site direction and audience.

Service went above an beyond with the creative content they came up with and I truly expect to see position changes in the coming days because of it.

TIME: 5/5 - Delivered on time. No issues or delays.
COMMUNICATION: 5/5 - From the initial order to the details included in the report, I know exactly what was done and what I can expect in the next few days. For a newbie like me, great information to have.
CONS: Of the blog comments made - many have already been removed. I went through 50 of the links provided and found three active comments. Totally not their fault as these are REAL active blogs and my subject matter is difficult to sneak in.

Really have to HIGHLY RECOMMEND the service. I will be using to again in the near future.

Originally posted by shezboy

WOW and Fricking WOW again.

I just got the reports back for my second order and this time I am REALLY REALLY impressed by things, here's why...

At the end of 2011 I lost 2 of my main sites to a Google slap which saw around £2,500 per month removed from my online income. Yes, that is in UK POUNDS. I had tried everything to get these sites back and it turns out that I had caused an unnatural spike in links from one source and concentrated those links to just a couple of pages of my sites using only 2 or 3 different anchor text.

That was enough for G to take two very established sites, all with unique content from the top spots to postition 100+.

To repair the damage I began applying authority links from trusted places where your site is reviewed before being able to pay the £50+ to have your site accepted. I spent close to £1,000 getting 'trust' links like these and mixing up the anchor text etc.

After all of this it made ZERO difference to the sites.

However, a few weeks ago I used the wiki and comment package on a clients site and saw some huge improvements so I then tried the service on my slapped sites....

Guess who's back? (yeah, me).

Over the past few days I have seen my sites dancing like road runner on speed as Google shuffles the cards. I have gained some new rankings which have stuck and have seen my old rankings moving up and down and back up again. Everything else that I tried had no effect on getting Google to put my sites back in the top 100 placements for ANY search phrase.

This service has changed that and turned things around for me. I am putting it down to the fact you can use an unlimited number of search phrases for your anchor text and the diverse IP range that the package offers.

For $49 you just can't go wrong. Take advantage of being able to use unlimited anchor text and URL's. If you're daft enough to point 7,000 to 20,000 links at your site using just a few different anchor text then you're just asking for trouble. Be different - be diverse.

I HIGHLY recommend this service.

Originally Posted by Jingo

Speed: 5 out of 5. I got my Report within 24 hrs of Ordering!

Communication: 5 out of 5. Roman and JT were very helpful in regards to my queries over email and skype and were easily available.

Price: 5 out of 5. Altho I got a discounted review. The price is really good for the amount of contextual links you are getting from trusted wikis.

Quality: 5 out of 5. Initially I got 3700 Live wiki links, once I informed that to Roman he delivered the balance plus a huge bonus! Each and every domain is UNIQUE and there are a few IP repeats, but like 5 %. That is a huge number of diversity! Which is exactly what I was looking for. The same for the social bookmarks.

The Article they used was very well spun and I randomly checked a few on copyscape and were 100% unique.

Overall Review: 5 out of 5. If you are looking for ip diversity and domain diversity this is priced perfectly for the huge amount of trusted links they provide

Too early to see a serp movement will update in a week.

Originally Posted by evolutionvision

Basically everything that everyone has said above. Great turn around time, quality, and communication. But what really counts is this:

Originally Posted by OKPump
Recently placed an order on and here is a quick review for anyone interested! Sorry if this is a bit off-topic, but you guys really need to look into this if you need help ranking your sites.

Communication was great, I had a bunch of noob questions before ordering that were answered quick and professionally (and without making me feel like an idiot, lol). Service and reports were delivered and emailed on time and in full detail. Would def recommend working with these guys, they have their shiit together when it comes to this and provide a great service.

I placed my order for 1 website with 3 main keywords that I'm trying to rank for...Also will note that my website is less than month old (start date was 11/18) and only SEO I've done is on-page.

[Exact] Monthly searches - From GKWT
Keyword 1: GMS - 6,600 // LMS - 4,400 // EM of my domain
Keyword 2: GMS - 8,100 // LMS - 5,400
Keyword 3: GMS - 550,000 // LMS - 201,000

Positions Checked w/ SEscout + some other ranking tools
Keyword 1: unranked ---> #1
Keyword 2: unranked ---> #1
Keyword 3: unranked ---> #13 ** this one is still jumping, it's bumped up to page 1 and back down, will update once it completely settles

What has this all translated into ultimately so far?
- Traffic has been increasing daily, now getting ~2k UV's per day
- Revenue from the website has already paid for this service and continues to increase daily

You guys have to check out this link service if you have the extra cash, those numbers dont lie, it simply works. I've tried other services in the past but I would def recommend this over those and will order again in the future.



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I have used this guys service. I was a paid customer and can give you my personal experiences. So far it has been about 4 days since he gave my report. I am bouncing around in the serps to some degree. All links but maybe two or three where live. Which if you ask me is pretty damn sweet. This guy has one hell of a track record for delivery. I am confident that there will be no problems what so ever. There was even some .edu's in the mix. There was only a small percent of do follow. Which dofollow is pretty much dead now anyway it will still have one hell of an effect on your rankings. One of these should rank you for a low competition keyword with ease.

Traffic wise if you are looking for traffic directly these might not be a good choice for you. Do your keyword research well. If you fail because you did not do proper research that is not the responsibility of the op. He delivers what he says and he does a good job he even over delivers.

Good luck on sales op! this is definitely on Smeltzer's must buy list for anyone trying SEO. It was the best dollar I have ever spent in SEO. BTW this guy really does know SEO. His customer service is awesome and this service just all around kicks butt.


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Thanks for the kind words Smeltzer!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to submit unlimited URLs/Keywords
A. Here is how it works:

Like always, each article can contain up to 3 links in it. But now, for each link within the article, you can submit an unlimited amount of URLs. During posting, our software will randomly pick one of the URL/keywords combinations and place it as one of the 3 links within the article.

Keep in mind though, for best ranking results, all URLs/keywords you submit should be somewhat related, otherwise it will look strange if a paragraph is talking about cars and you submit URLs/keywords that range from fruits to fitness equipment. You can however choose to have the 3 links within the article cover different topics of your choosing. Just make sure that you assign only related URLs (different domains is possible)/keywords for each of the 3 links.

It is also worth noting that if you want a particular URL to receive a significant rankings boost, you should submit fewer URLs or even just the one. The option to submit unlimited URLs is for those of you that want more diversity

Q. Do you offer bulk discounts?
A. Yes, we offer 15% off the total price for 4-6 orders, and 20% for 7+ orders.

Q. Can I use this on a new website?
A. Most certainly. Though Wikis are a fairly new platform, we haven't seen any adverse effects in the past 2 months that we offer our service. In fact, it’s a great way to begin any linkbuilding campaign for new sites.

Q. How many URLs can I use?
A. You can provide unlimited URLs, each with its own specific anchors.

Q. How many keywords should I use?
A. You can use as many keywords as you like. Our big package is perfect for some huge anchor variation.

Q. Will the articles for the Wikis be readable?
A. No, probably not - we spin the articles very deep with a high degree of uniqueness. As a result the individual articles will not be very readable. But, as the purpose of the article is to serve as a medium for contextual backlinks for Google to crawl, readability doesn't matter anyway.

Q. Can I use this for non-English websites?
A. Yes, we can handle that! The articles for the Wikis will be in English, but your anchors can be in whatever language you want.

Q. I have something I want to ask you guys, how can I get in touch with you?
A. You can pm us on here, send an email to
[email protected] or add either one of us on skype: janis.thies or roman3755. We are always around to answer any questions regarding our service.


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Just want to update you guys, that everyone who ordered will be receiving their report within a couple of days. Keep an eye on your inboxes/**** folders.


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Ok guys,its review time :)

mmtj was kind to give me a review copy of the WikiMarks Pack ( the $85 ) and i have to say im impressed.This service rocks and i highly recommend it because this is a top notch service and it will give you a nice boost in serps.

So i gave mmtj 3 keywords with medium/low competition and here are the graphs for one of them :

As you see climbed up from 97th spot to 10th spot.

And here are the results for the other 2 keywords :
KEYWORD 1: from 177 to 14
KEYWORD 2: from no rank to 62

This was tested on a new site with almost no backlinks at all.
I also got 2 sales on my CB account after using this service since i got ranked for the keywords i wanted.Awesome job and thanks for letting me test it :)

Good luck with the sales
Hi I am new here.. I am just curious about your program? is it something that needs to be installed on my computer or it is like a plug-in to my website? sorry for my stupid question. thanks.


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Hi I am new here.. I am just curious about your program? is it something that needs to be installed on my computer or it is like a plug-in to my website? sorry for my stupid question. thanks.
Nothing needs to be installed on your computer or website. This is not a program, it's a service. You give us your URL and the keywords which you want your site to rank higher for, and we do the rest. Hope that answers your question. Feel free to PM me if you have any further questions.
will my google adsense get unique impressions for this? I want to try your service but I just don't want to spend for some crappy lame scammers.. I know that you understand what I mean. i hope that you can give light to my blind questions.. thanks.


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will my google adsense get unique impressions for this? I want to try your service but I just don't want to spend for some crappy lame scammers.. I know that you understand what I mean. i hope that you can give light to my blind questions.. thanks.
Our service is meant to increase your site's rankings in Google which in turn brings it more traffic. So, yes, your Adsense impressions should increase. We sell this service on many other forums for a while now, having served more than 1000 customers. We are a business and are not out to scam anyone. This should be apparent from the countless glowing reviews we have across all our threads on all the different forums.


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If anyone has any custom orders they need done, do not hesitate to contact us. We are usually very accommodating with custom requests.


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We have recently launched a new service on our site in addition to the Wiki packages. The service is called Simple Solutions and includes 300+ unique web 2.0 blogs linking to your site. Check it out HERE