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Ok guys and gals don't laugh at this question. I know nada about coding.

I have read that most WP themes have a call back feature. I have also read various ways to look for this and that.

Can someone outline the exact steps to take and what to look for and what to delete/change to use a theme safely?

I see some .js scripts in my footer and header.php that I'm suspecting is my issue...........but not sure :eek:

Any help would be appreciated.


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I don't worry too much and just make sure its announced as null.
Most people that get an email from the companies ask "where did you get that from" rather than anything too aggresive (though i wouldn't keep the theme up lol).

For now i just use Artisteer as i know i won't get callbacks and its got enough functionality. Though thesis is decent, but it has a way to come (such as easy header management etc)

As for your question, i usually look in the footer and header, though they probably chuck the code inthe base of it all i would say as nulls are fairly common now. I dunno why they can't encrypt the info or w/e
if the js is bothering you i would just keep following the trail or see if i can search thru any of the docs relating to their site or any other site for that matter.
Footer links are highly encrypted with PHP. because that free theme is Sponsored. so, if you want that theme without links. you can buy a license at Designer Site.
changing header scripts will cause, your site not works.