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WOW Trk offer a wide range of advertisers for your websites. So you can start monetizing your traffic or get an additional revenue stream, today.

With the WOW Trk Affiliate Network we focus on lead generation offers. We have a range of competitions, surveys, incentives and gambling offers. Whatever the industry, you will be able to find offers to suit your traffic.

We also offer great unique tools like our Firefox and Chrome stats extensions, mobile site, easy affiliate referral scheme and more.

Join over 2,000 affiliates already signed up to WOW Trk.

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NET-25 (affiliates can also get Bi-monthly and Weekly)

Payment Method:

WIRE, BACs, PayPal, Payoneer and Check

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Question: How did you first get started?

Answer: I started a cash back site with my friend whilst at school, when I was about 13 years old. I built the company up from this, our affiliate network WOW Trk has been running since 2007.

Question: What does it take to qualify as an affiliate for you?

Answer: Our affiliate application process is very easy, 1 page sign up and then you verify your phone number to get instantly approved. Once you have signed up you can start using WOW Trk. We may at a later date also require address verification.

Question: What are your most popular offers at the moment?

Answer: We have a few private CPC offers which are doing very well. Also UK - Product Testing, AU - Aussie Shopping Voucher, AU - DoDo Australia and a few others are doing well.

Question: Where do you see the industry headed over the next 5 years?


Question: Are you running any special promotions at the moment?


Question: What are some of your highest payouts?


Question: What is the most you've seen a affiliate make in one day?

Answer: I have seen one or two affiliates make over $15k in a day.

Question: What would you say the future of CPA Marketing beholds?


Question: What would you say are the most important elements to include when creating landing pages?


Question: Do you run any of your own offers? If so, can you give us some tips?

Answer: Yes, we run a site called WOW Freebies. WOW Freebies is an affiliate freebie site, listing deals and offers. Our main source of revenue comes from email. Building up a list is key.

Question: What kind of tracking do you guys offer?

Answer: Live Tracking. (Pixel, Postback etc the usual).

Question: What are some of the best promotional methods you've found to work?

Answer: Email and PPC are my favourites.

Question: We love your Network did you come up with it?

Answer: We brand all our websites under the 'WOW' name. So consumers and business no its a name they can trust, we have been around for a few years now and are not going anywhere! We don't try to hide behind different names.

Question: We're dying to know...what do some of your Top Affiliates Make?

Answer: I can't give specifics, but this year we have affiliates that have done thousands of pounds in a day.

Question: How old are you and where are you from?

Answer: I am 22 now and from Nottinghamshire, UK.