WP Plug In INSTACHAT "speed up your online store sales"

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Jan 30, 2018
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Make the visitor connected to your business more Easy & no customers are ignored.

WhatsApp, Telegram and LINE user data

WhatsApp Active users break through up to 1.500.000.000 per month
Active Users LINE break through up to 170,000,000 per month
Active Users Telegram translucent to 200,000,000 per month

With user data is certainly very profitable for internet marketers, Why?
The Chatting app becomes a tool that connects buyers and sellers. By owning this product Prospective buyers can easily communicate with you via WhatsApp, Telegram, Line and BBM with just one click so customers can contact your agents or customer service easily and simply.
Before buying anything the customer would want to ask about the Services, Products or Services that you offer, this problem that you can solve with ISTACHAT

What are you getting?
1 # Very Easy to Use
2 # Not Skipping Customers
3 # Increased Sales & Branding Business
4 # Compatible With Woocommerce
5 # Facebook Messenger Real-Time
6 # WhatsApp Multiple Account
7 # Telegram Support
8 # Compatible With LINE
9 # Compatible With BBM
10 # Available Unlimited Color Options
11 # Compatible With WPML
12 # More Features in Demo Video

You can use on all of your websites and may be installed on the client's website. That's all you'll get if you choose Developer License
For VERSION Personal License, You can use on all personal websites.Must not be installed on the client's website, friends and so on.

BUY VERSION Personal License HERE
BUY VERSION Developer License HERE