Xpango is SCAM!!


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I gain enough credits on March, 2010.

Sent support tickets 2 times around April - May asking my gifts status -> No response

Register on this Exceem forum on June to get response for my gift

I can see that you are based in Indonesia so its likely our verification process takes slightly longer but a member of staff will update you shortly. Again, for any further queries, please email our support team.

Waiting 2 months for SHORLTY TIME that Xpango promise.

Xpango start verify my account on July, that mean for 6 months, Xpango abandon all my support tickets, never know if I gain enough credits or not n just know receiving money from advertisers every month without know how my feeling who working hard for get enough credits.

Not enough 6 months abandon my account. They make ridiculous reason. My referrals marked as fraud because all of them just complete one offer n using gmail. Can you imagine this reason used for close my account?!!
Xpango is a legit freebie site, but not the best. You can face many problems with them, that can make it very difficult to geather the credits for your gift. Such as: missing credits and referrals, long delays in crediting or shipping of your gift. Some members were waiting for months to receive their credits or gifts without an explanation by the support. The support can also go unresponsive and uneffective. If you have problems with them or want to know how to avoid problems, check this guide: Xpango Complaints - Introduction


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I use kudosnetwork. I made $400 from them and my questions and request were answered either same day or the next day.