Zakristija scammer !


Make Money Online
Zakristija kid with less than 1 month membership , he asked for unique method to make money with share cash , i sold him
my unique methods i bought it with master resale right and i'm making money with it , and i asked him to sign up under me he said okay
i sent mediafire link with my methods , he sent 18 and cents (cus fees ) and didn't sign up under me , after i day he complaint , so i sent another exclusive guide to him , he asked for refund , i told you can't take methods for free but i will gentle with you and i will refund
8 and take 10 , and i told him if he need help with sites building and youtube or any other thing just contact me and i will help him for
free , and guess what ? he report me to paypal with this message :

"i paid to method,but he is blocked me and not give me download link.

please give me money."
Hey bro , really feeling sry for what happened with u.

The best thing u can do right now , is to upload ur's and His SKYPE conversation records on Paypal ( by responding to his dispute ) and also share ur download link with PP and tell them this is what u shared.

Upload all the proof's u got , email/skype records and PP will surely take decision in ur Side.

Just Give them a Call , and tell them ur story , and remember dont forget to upload ur Records.

Hope this helps.