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Hey friends, I want to introduce ZuFiles.com Pay Per Download Network with new features

After my team and few beta testers from different forums tried our network, we decided to put it online because all affiliates are very happy with their EPC and Conversion Rate. Most of them are using our download page (with virus scan, check the example below) and the rest are using the content locker that is customizable with 17 different templates.

Example of download page:
Download file: password.txt

About optimization of offers, we are showing in the widget all offers with the highest epc and we have offers for ALL countries.
Referral Commision 5% from lifetime earnings
Payment methods: Paypal, Wire Transfer and western union . You can request your money anytime and we send payments on the following dates: 7, 14, 21, 28 of the month. For example if you request money on 25, you will get them on 28. (hope you understand).

Here are few print screens from our affiliates

All accounts are approved instantly for a limited time. We want to do a ppd private network only for big boys

Never give up! ZuFiles.com


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ZuFiles Payments for 08-07-2013

nacho - $991.04
empire - $727.53
cashhunter - $402.29
fargo - $392.88
dianaxuka - $224
buidoi8x - $194.01
comeback12 - $59.20
darkplayer - $51.88
goldmonkey - $47.63
spiderboy - $47.09
carlosnunez - $36.91

Best Regards,
ZuFiles Media Team
Video Stream Launched


We just launched our new feature 'Video Stream'. More people that are using movies,episodes or streaming niche will increase their earnings with this new tool. It's very simple. You have to put image, your movie name, stream url and description. After you created the stream, copy your link and earn more money.

Here are few movies created by us to see how it looks:

Fast and Furious 6
Pacific Rim Movie
Great Gatsby Movie

Best Regards,
ZuMedia Network
Yes we are still on the marketplace :)
We are celebrating our 6 month anniversary. We want you to celebrate
with us!
This is why we have created a coupon code just for this special occasion.
The coupon code is : "5dollars" - just write it in the form on your
dashboard and your balance will be bigger with $5 ! Hurry up, this code
will expire in few days!
We are looking to work with you for long term and to make you happy because
you have chosen us.

If you need any further assistance please let us, Please do not reply here. Thanks!