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    How to edit my front page?

    A couple of months ago I created a website. Then I forgot all about it however now I wanna work on it. The problem is that I can't seem to find the main page of my site. How do I locate the main page? my site has the syntax: (there is no index.htm) I've opened filezilla but I...
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    [SIMPLE QUESTION] Backlinking to individual sections of my site or the frontpage only?

    I've just started a new Wordpress site where I posted some articles that each target a specific keyword. Now I'm going to start backlinking however I got a question. Say I got a site about dogs (I don't) with 5 posts where: Post 1 target "dog training supplies" Post 2 target "dog training...
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    Domain forward - Generates a referer?

    Thanks for the clarification.
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    Domain forward - Generates a referer?

    Just to clarify for other members. DOmain forward does NOT generate a referral. I have just tested it myself. Amazingly how low response this thread got.
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    Domain forward - Generates a referer?

    Okay thank you. You guys know of any sites where I can ccheck what the referrer is?
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    Domain forward - Generates a referer?

    Would really appreciate if someone could give me an answer here.
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    Domain forward - Generates a referer?

    I'd really appreciate if somebody could answer.
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    Domain forward - Generates a referer?

    Basically I've signed up to a CPA network, and I wondered. If I have set my domain to forward to the offer, will the referrer that the CPA network see be "blank" ? Or will it display my forward URL? Or will it display the referrer to the forward URL? Don't ask me why, but I really want to know...
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    GhostCPA - Need help setting it up

    Well currently I'm somewaht stuck setting up my GHostCPA. I have uploaded everything etc. however it generates an error when I try to go to the login screen: Not Found Error: The requested address '/' was not found on this server. I might have set up something slightly wrong since I'm...
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    My first niche site (advice needed)

    Thanks for your answer So if I comment on blogs that are related to my niche it will generate more effective backlinks? Also, when doing backlinks should I only link to or should I also link to my subpages ?
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    My first niche site (advice needed)

    Well the last few days I've been making a wp blog with the purpose of generating income by selling a clickbank product. Last night I did a lot of social bookmarking and made some backlinks. However I'm still WAY down the google index at my keywords "training a parrot", "adopting parrots"...
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    Offline method with ringtones

    Too much work IMO. Also, I think lots of kids know better places to get ********* (without CPA leads)
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    Operation Youtube Takeover! [HOT!!!!!!]

    Well just take a look at youtube. There are lots of videos promoting downloads. If not fileserve then hotfile etc.
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    Tube ToolBox Review

    If you're into youtube marketing then a kind of software like this is absolutely a must! I've made my own bot btw =)
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    Haha that's really an evil method to get people banned. But good to know indeed :)