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    D*mn keyword research

    Consider the exact as those are the only websites you have to beat in order to rank higher and all the others are listed cause they have some mention of the keyword in their content.
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    D*mn keyword research

    That is correct amazon is an authority site and is very hard to beat in the serps. Your best bet is to come just after it. Yes the above example we considered the exact matches because those are the ones that have the KW in the cotent,title or url. If you look at the keyword "get surround...
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    D*mn keyword research

    okay let me explain through an example. LMS = local monthly searches GMS = Global monthly searches Keyword: buy tools online Filter : LMS > 1000 GMS = 3600 LMS = 1000 Broad Comp: 867,000,000 Exact Comp: 62,800 - below 50,000 means you can easily rank for the kw unless competing...
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    (Free!) 10 tools that can help your business owner’s site rank above their competition

    Amazing list and another site you might add to the list that I consistently use is: Goingup - FREE Web Stats and Analytics, Page Rank, SEO Optimization, Website Tools and Search Engine Marketing - Are you GoingUp? It provides a overlook of you website in terms of seo and what can be improved upon.
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    How to get more traffic to your website for free !!!!!

    Great tips for any beginner or pro. Article marketing is key and forum marketing is a quick way to drive traffic.
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    Hosting a Contest and Need Your help

    Okay I have a blog about money making ideas just like MMD but on a small scale and not methods to make money but just ideas and some ebooks and tools. So I am holding a contest until Dec 7th The contest is that people just post money making ideas and other people rate the methods or ideas...
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    highest paying adsense keywords

    you can easily find it. Just go to google keyword tool and search any keyword and see the CPC if it really high then the keyword will pay alot. what you are asking is the top paying keywords i believe. it would be stupid to share that kind of info. because everybody would start competing for it.
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    Need some with a CPALead Account to help me

    you need an all time earning of at least $25 to post a video which I have not yet gotten.
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    Need some with a CPALead Account to help me

    thanks talzick I am looking into the youtube video thing and again the problem is I just created the cpalead account two weeks ago so I don't have the all time 25 dollars for the access.
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    Need some with a CPALead Account to help me

    I am selling an ebook on digitalpoint but two people would like to pay through cpalead marketplace or video donation. As I do not yet have $25 I cannot access those. The ebook cost is $17 so If somebody can post just something on marketplace or video then I can ask them to buy it or make a...
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    I want to see your design work

    okay here we go i basically a web designer and have little experience with landingpages if that's what you are looking for. Since the images are too big so I have linked them. One Two Three Four Five Six Just Sharing
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    Are You From Canada? Read this Thread!

    God of Hell Fire-- I forgot you were from Canada lol. I am from Toronto Canada where an MP recently said We should be our own provice number 11 standing at 2 million people so far.
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    Little scared

    These kind of jobs are hectic I had two jobs like that one was for a newspaper selling subscription and the other was for a duct cleaning company. I worked full-time during the summer and basically left my house at 8am and came back at 7pm. It was hot and sometimes I worked with a partner. I...
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    CPALead Questions, Methods, Tips , Tricks and Discussion Thread

    With CPA Lead are you able to promote individual survey or is it only by the widget.
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    Anyone Have an Account with Brighthub

    Brighthub is smiliar to AC but bigger payout meaning you need better quality articles. I had a account with them but I messed up and got suspended. I tried applying again 3 or 4 times with different article samples but keep getting rejected. I even used a article from their site as a sample and...