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    Please suggest me a better affiliate than AFF for my Porn Blog

    Here are a few affiliate programs that are easy to sign up with and have really good banners to promote: and all pay around the same amount. Only boinkcash pays out weekly though the other 2 pay bi-weekly but still good affiliates.
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    Best paypal paying dating affiliate & Traffic Tool

    You can check out they pay out weekly and pay through paypal. No holds! Conversion ratios are good as well one of the better ratios in the industry since they do not shave you get all the sales rather then every second or third on other sites.
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    [get] Make your own content locker FREE

    Copy and paste the code into a html file. what it does is you can set the delay that is at the top to have any delay that you want. so while someone is looking at your page after the delay it will lock the page and your offers will come up. The offers will not go away till they complete one of...
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    [get] Make your own content locker FREE

    If you would like to create your own content locker, i have a set of code that allows you to just that and to input your own offerers. <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "$ <html lang="en"> <head> <script...