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    Hello Everyone

    Thanks for the introductions everyone. Right now I have two projects going. Will be looking to start the magnet method soon for a Maine dating site. Just need to find an affiliate first. Waiting on a response from mmd. Second I'm trying to earn a little through CL to start. Posting some free...
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    [TUT] Kickapooh's Magnet Method

    Would like to give this method a try as my first attempt at IM. One question though what is a good affiliate for dating websites?
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    Hello Everyone

    Thanks guys. I got denied at fileice can anyone recommend an alternative? What would be the best dating affiliate to simulate kickapoohs method?
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    Hello Everyone

    Hi my name is Mike and I am a new member here at MMD but I have been browsing for about a month now. I'm completely new to IM but I'm learning slowly. I recently had an offline business venture fail miserably on me and I'm out 10k because of it. Not looking for any pity just explaining my story...