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    I Want To Design You a Banner!

    @billard did another banner for my site. it is awesome. I would like to thank you for your generosity! I highly recomend him for graphic design skills as well as a good businessperson. He does what he says he is going to do which is not common these days. Thank you again!!
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    I Want To Design You a Banner!

    @billard just sent me the banner and it looks awesome! I am super happy with his work and highly recomend him!
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    I Want To Design You a Banner!

    I am in, the niche is sports betting. i have a logo that i have made but i need a banner that is 468 X 80. I will pm you the details
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    invisible tumblr follow button

    never heard of it but sounds interesing
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    A question about the gaming niche

    its a tough niche. games are good like battleship galactica, CJ has that. All gaming niches are tough because of the competition, you will have to put in a lot of work and have patience. The useful tips that work for people, people most likely keep to themselves because of the work they put in...
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    Basic SEO Question

    if you dont mind spending the money get original content. spun articles will get taken down quicker that original content. At the same time people use spun with little problems. make sure to triple check your spintax
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    Google + Adult content

    i book mark adult content, i dont post it on gplus. another site that accepts it is stumble upon.
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    How did you discover MMD?

    i found mmd from a google search about a year about. it has been super helpful specifically smelz, elvis, and doc. thanks guys!
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    Why is Domain Name Important for SEO ?

    that is what i was thinking. it looks to good to be true with some of the domains available. Have you tried a .co and ranked well with it?
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    Why is Domain Name Important for SEO ?

    it has helped me with a .org. i did a .us but it did not have the same effect. Im curious to see how .co is.
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    mass like tool

    Has anyone used this and gotten good results?
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    Looking for Porn Affiliates?

    you are going to have a hard time finding porn affiliates that will provide content. Wicked bucks, brazzers, mmd, digital playground are all solid networks. Why not watch some porn and write about it? Just an idea. Good luck with your search.
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    Hi guys could someone check my robots.txt file

    the "childrens carry on" is in a robot.txt file from a site i have for baby accessories. I was providing you with an illustration of how I have my site made up. The fact that you get insulted because i used an example with the word children in it shows insecurity on your end. I was not calling...
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    Hi guys could someone check my robots.txt file

    This is the way I do it below,.I quickly scanned your page I see that you are using all in one seo pack which is good, I would stick this in the head. <meta name="Robots" content="index,follow"> User-agent: * Disallow: /Childrens-Babies/Personalized-Childrens-Books.html Disallow...
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    I want to design you a logo for free!

    1. What type of logo do you require? Simple Cologne Theme 2. What is the exact wording of your logo? Perfumes 3. Is there a tagline to accompany the logo? No 4. Do you have existing brand colours? Yes, you can see the one im using at 5. Where do you intend...