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    What backlinks should I use on my new website?

    Nobody can give you a 100% guaranteed solution, but in my experience it is important to have all types of links to your website. You do not just want to go after articles only, mix it up. Also build a couple web 2.0's that you can blast the hell out of, while you are waiting for your domain to...
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    SEO tree

    Im no Guru, But I wouldn't waste my money on that. Go to fiverr, and buy 4 gigs, a senuke blast, article blast, xrumer, and scrapebox. Your out 20 bucks if you dont have those tools, and I think your results would be a lot better. I dont think directory submissions hold a lot of weight any...
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    *Smeltzers Projects* What is happening now! Where I came from!

    Congrats Man!! That is good to hear, I always wondered how tough it was to get a product listed on ClickBank.
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    sup i'm olaf

    Good to have you here, Been following your programs especially the scraper/mailer on other forums. Hopefully you'll get a sales thread here for version 2. Good Luck
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    I need some tips for SEOing/indexing a new Wordpress site

    Hey man, Not sure where you heard that, but you do not need traffic to get indexed. Your site will get indexed quickly just have unique content on there and then just book mark it if you want it indexed a little quicker.
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    Effortless Link Building Solution!

    I would love to review this also, I just signed up under compton13. This may be exactly what I need, I am just not sure what kind of sites these are linking from?
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    How to stay motivated?

    This always helps me:top:
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    ((HELP)) : Fake Referrer Here is cpa redirector 4 its a plugin for wordpress and works perfect.
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    IpFreelyProxies formerly known as **Texacola Proxies** is back!

    Top notch support don't know why you would get proxies from anyone else thanks again
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    IpFreelyProxies formerly known as **Texacola Proxies** is back!

    Just put an order in. thanks:cool:
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    Another little Awicy is on the way

    Congrats Man!! My daughter is 32 months, Don't know if I could handle 2 right now LOL. :beer:
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    Local Search Domination Part I - Understanding The Place Page

    Thanks this is great info. I was just looking into this, this week. My question is I do not have a brick and mortar business to advertise. I would like to get a site ranked there in local results so I could either sale advertising space ie Dentists in New york, or capture leads and sell them...
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    Can u make an autoblog with youtube?

    Yes you can do this Tags:[insert tagname here]?client=ytapi-youtube-browse&v=2 For example, if you wanted to create an RSS feed for the tag "monkey", you would enter: YouTube Videos Full-text searches: YouTube Videos[insert url-encoded search term...
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    Two Very Important SEO Tips You May Be Missing

    It is a setting that the blog administrator can set. It tells google not to send any value or link juice along with this link if it is nofollow. There is debate on whether google still gives some kind of recognition. I think that they do.