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    Spits Out $48.50 "s" Easily! -Share Your Inspirational Quotes To Get It!

    here is my contribion "if you know the enemy and know yourself,you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy,for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat"
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    Forex Trading tips for beginner???

    I make most of my bill money trading FX and binary options. Just learn about Supply & Demand trading. It is all you need to know. Google "Sam Sieden" and join acegazette.C0m. You'll get it. Good Luck
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    I'm a newbie.Can I earn $49.95/month after joined Vip?If so it's can keep me

    Yes, You can make the cost of VIP back and if you have the money to spare for a month, it will be well spent. I roll in for a month or two and catch up on whats going on. Right now I'm out and working on some stuff. So yea, I've seen the inside and it is great if you put in the effort. The part...
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    Website help needed

    Here's something that kinda walks you through the basics. Just use Komposer insted of NVU and Filezilla instead of Cute FTP. Hope it helps.
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    Make 100$+ per day by paying 5$ per day on AUTOPILOT!

    Same here Vlad. I gave my LP 2000 hits from ad-fly for a $5 product and got nothing. I'm wondering if there is something we are missing? Could it be the product that the OP has that makes the difference? or is his LP that much different than the norm?
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    Make 100$+ per day by paying 5$ per day on AUTOPILOT!

    Scroll down to the bottom of the page at ad-fly and click on advertise. It's a pain in the @ss to get through all the hoops though. Hope this helps. I didn't think I would ever find it myself. LOL
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    Klix gets a promotion!

    Way to go! Klix. Good to see you getting rewarded for your efforts.
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    HELP: Presale/Landing Page review, Critiques Needed

    WOW! Much better! Now it's up to the traffic I think. The only thing I would change now is have a new page open when a link is clicked. Possibly change visit website to click here now or some other call to action. Good luck with it.
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    HELP: Presale/Landing Page review, Critiques Needed

    I'm no expert, but I'll tell ya what I think looking at it from a consumers point of view. Change the background color it hurts my eyes. Make the title stand out, I can't even see it. Put the overview first and the pro's and con's after. I want to know what you have to say, not read the pro's...
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    Selling Digital products?

    It's my understanding that to sell downloadable products you must use classifieds. If you want to burn the product to a disk and ship it then you may use the auction format. Do your due diligence, I could be mistaken.
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    Prepopulate CPA offers + build email list

    Hey Angel, I have spent most of the week trying to determine a niche to enter and I'm still coming up blank. All I have done in my life is rodeo,repair asphalt, and refinish bathtubs and countertops. Should I just throw a dart at a list of niches? I think I have a case of analysis paralysis...
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    Optiwebber V Powlow29 - Let The Battlle Begin - TV Shows

    Haha! This is great! Although I cannot choose sides because both of them have given me good advise. I will be watching this thread closely, as I have a movie domain that I would like to put to work. Look forward to the show.
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    A lazy 18 year old makes money this way

    User001, Would you mind posting or PMing me a link to the site? If you prefer not too, I understand. I am a visual and hands on learner and I am seriously considering something like this for my city and maybe the 2 close by.
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    A lazy 18 year old makes money this way

    WOW!!!!!!!! Now that got the creative side of me flowing. Thanks for sharing User1001.
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    A lazy 18 year old makes money this way

    Hey, user101 i would appreciate a little more detailed explanation on this too. I started something like it awhile back but it was more of a business directory. I bailed out because I thought it would not work in this economy,but your idea sounds like just the ticket around here. Even a link to...