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    My Wife gave birth to our Daughter

    Congrats for the new blessing doc.
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    Back to the business mabuhay

    Hello and mabuhay ang mga pinoy,, go make some money now. Im new here ;) but not in chat selling. I use to be an acl chat agents. then decided to work from my home last 2006 and stopped last 2009 becuase of too much competition in this market. I decided to just operate my own internet cafe shop...
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    Thank You MMDcash!

    i want to have my very own car soon,,, with the help of MMDCASH ;)
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    My $100+ A Day Dating Method

    im going to try this method. i saw 2 offfers that pay $5.5 per conversion.
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    My E-whore method guaranteed to work!

    wow 1725 commision, is that for a day?
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    You know why other networks HATE US? is the best adult affiliate network online!

    Re: You know why other networks HATE US? We are the best adult affiliate network online! Doc is always on skype so if you need something to clarify or to ask, he is always there to answer quiries. Top notch support ;)
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    [ ASK] How to get approved by adult affiliate ?

    whats your skype journal? i need to talk to you
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    MMDCash Can Take Philippines Chat Traffic

    hi doc, can you approve my account,, i dont know i am trying to send you pm but i dont know why its not wrking,. i just signed up on mdcash account is gelai18. thanks