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  1. GreenSamurai Effective and Easy link cloaking solutions

    I can vouch for this. I have the full plan and it's great!
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    Hey Doods

    Fix your grammar and you'll be fine :) Atleast the obvious one. Dood :-/ Welcome nonetheless! :)
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    I cried when I watched this

    Touching :( poor cat...
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    CPA + SEO = Make $$$$ daily on Autpilot!

    So far 30 clicks on my offer and absolutely no conversions :(
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    Am I fucked?

    Say that by school she meant university. Or just say she's bad at excuses.
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    Does this anger you?

    Oh noez u broke ur Cod6! This makes me mad!!!
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    Krayzie´s First Journal - 500$ by the end of this month

    So you're uploading videos to YouTube and promoting a ClickBank product? Nice approach. Sounds simple. So you're uploading videos by hand? How many per account per day? Awesome job man keep at it.
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    Licenses Sold Here for CLBotPro "with ALL the addons" in December

    He was on AIM today. I can't believe he sold stolen licenses, mine got banned too.
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    CPA + SEO = Make $$$$ daily on Autpilot!

    Ah sorry this is my first SEO attempt... trying to do something other than CL. I am seeing my rankings climb after using ScrapeBox and building a "linkwheel" with SENuke. Thanks, now I actually KNOW it will take a whole month to actually see some results :)
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    CPA + SEO = Make $$$$ daily on Autpilot!

    I'm starting to see traffic from search terms, some hits on my offer... no sales yet :(
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    CPALead Questions, Methods, Tips , Tricks and Discussion Thread

    You would make literally 10 times more if you just get email submits from CPA networks and iframe them. Or let alone just use email submits from cpa networks.
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    CPA Lead and xRumer

    I thought xRumer is used for backlinks not traffic? Try it though.
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    CPA + SEO = Make $$$$ daily on Autpilot!

    Damn man seriously? So how long do I have to wait or my domain to be aged enough to rank? Spent 3 days and $50 working full on for this.. Oh well I could just try and promote my movie site with scrapebox :( in the meantime can't I use social marketing to get traffic? Or seo an article...
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    CPA + SEO = Make $$$$ daily on Autpilot!

    edit nvm actually was indexed but only the home page is not anything else? I even installed the sitemap thing and the index option is enabled already in my blogs privacy :) thanks man, any more tips? I'm gonna download senuke from...
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    CPA + SEO = Make $$$$ daily on Autpilot!

    Well I DID make the blog 3 days ago... I used the trick and my site didn't come up. Although I tested it with my movie site and it comes up fine. So I'm guessing I'm not indexed since I only registered the domain a few days ago anyways? Should I try using your super duper awesome bot...