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    Lead Generation

    What type of software and what size volume of leads can it handle? ... Would be my first question!.... As for suggestions, there are millions! ... But given a little more info, such as what have you tried, thought of trying, not sure about trying, or you just looking for out of the box...

    Is a tablet POS much better than a traditional credit card machine?

    In my opinion it depends what options and features you want and need for your business, as well as what systems and procedures you already have in place that are good and you don't want to change and which could be better and you'd like to change!... For example: if you have a good system for...

    New Niche Site Strategy Help

    i agree, as a newb its prob best if you focus your sights on one thing at a time, but don't beat a dead horse! if you spend to much time, money and effort on a losing strategy then you'll never get far! so be willing to expand if needed, but dont jump before you can walk or you'll only fall!

    USA is KING! read before you judge! american internet law!

    pay close attention to u.s. laws. if the u.s. passed half the laws it has proposed into law, then 75/80% of us all would be fucked out of our income in a day! Americans are hungry, greedy mother fuckers! i say this being a hungry greedy American myself! if "we" were to become another country...

    How many page visit should I have to reach before google grant me a PR 1?

    no diss, but i agrre to diss agree! backlinks do mean somthing, in my opinion less and less these days. but there are a few factors and unless you are privy to googles algorithms then you cant really say one way or the other! also google is always changing what means anything and what means...

    Greetings MMD admins and members!

    run it! good luck man! you have alot of hard work a head of you!

    [Help] CPA Offer Account Problem!

    some advertisers and networks do not like link testing, but testing with a proxy will be 100 time worse! in my opinion testing is fine as long as it is not insanely excessive, through proxies or if your testing the conversions!

    The ShoeMoney System 2.0

    if it cost money its a scam! dont pay anyone to teach you anything! unless you feel like blowing your money fast and becoming even broker than you are now! skip the bs, find an idea/method/niche and just take action! you may waste time doing things that may not make you money, but you will...

    [Help] CPA Offer Account Problem!

    PM me the email and company name you used to sign up to advert and I will see what is up with your account.

    CPA networks for beginners

    As an publisher and an affiliate manager of Advert Marketing, I would have to say that they are the best around. If your looking to run email submits and incent traffic, then AdvertMarketing is the network for you! Advert has hundreds of awesome email submits covering every niche. Also very...

    Email that are not Spam.

    Hello, geraldpc As GreenMachine54 has stated, it could be the effects of many things. If you navigate to the email marketing section of this forum and look around you will find a lot of info on this topic. I have written several threads on this topic myself. Just look for the threads I...

    WTF?! Skpye Has Been Down For Me All Day!

    It has just opened up for me. I had to keep retrying over and over again. I FEEL FOR YOU MATE! I almost used the telephone! lol!


    No I'm just the coolest A, ever, your the coolestguy ever! GET RICH! Kick Ass and Take Names! Have fun get Drunk and Love Life for all it worth bro! Its your month to get naked and roll around in your huge piles of Money!!!! $$$$$

    WTF?! Skpye Has Been Down For Me All Day!

    YEAH IT SUCKS, SKYPE IS MY LIFE LINE TO MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY! Thanks for the info little bro. I guess I should have just asked you, but hell Skypes down so I didn't have a good way to contact you! lol!


    Months not up! So its still your bday to me! Keep this thread kicking for the coolestguy on mmd!