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    Huge list of do follow social bookmarking sites

    Hi there try checking this site for the lists Top 100 Social BOOKMARKING|Web LIST 2013 - Best Weblog Sites I hope that it help.
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    How To Create High Quality Backlinks

    I may also add that creating backlinks in high page rank websites may also do the trick in increasing website traffic aside from creating quality one.
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    Back Links

    I really can't say if you're wasting your time. It's a gamble actually if the owner approves your comments then good for you but if not then not really that good. So I will suggest that you do other stuff while waiting for approval like directory/web 2.0/article submission.
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    How to increase of our site traffic?

    I agree with you on these methods, creating unique content and of course popular keywords use in the content is much more effective and thus for sure increases traffic.
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    Reason for Disappearing of the website

    It will depend actually on how Google evaluate it. If these 5000 backlinks came from high page rank websites then for sure the website will in the number one searches.