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    $500 per month for 5mins work ONCE... AUTO INCOME

    Yeah I'm also wondering about the payment issue. I've got a few ideas for scaling this method but I can't figure out how you would get paid using a "fake" profile. Can OP respond with how he has got around this issue?
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    You know why other networks HATE US? is the best adult affiliate network online!

    Re: You know why other networks HATE US? We are the best adult affiliate network online! Just applied, can't wait to get going
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    $60/day by December 31st 2011

    Hey British_Lion, I've sub'd to your log since I'm just getting into paid traffic as well so it will be nice to see how somebody in a similar position to me is doing. What do you think of 7search so far? I've heard mixed reviews some people think it's awesome for testing offers/campaigns and...
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    Where do I start?!!!

    Mohan is right, if your friends are making good money then ask them to show you the ropes. Alternatively I would suggest taking a look at different money making methods and then picking one or two of the methods which excite you the most and run with them. A lot of new guys go crazy and try...
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    Hi Everybody

    Thanks for the welcome guys!
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    Facebook Apps Dominate With Our Exclusive Offers, Period!

    This is just what I was looking for! I'm about to roll out some apps soon and I'd love to know what BLAM is doing in this area.
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    Hi Everybody

    Hey guys I thought I'd introduce myself to the boards, been around the IM scene for a little while now but never got really active in the forums. Hoping to learn some new things and share what I know. I look forward to seeing you all around!