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    Sitting down is killing you. How not to die.

    yes, I really believe what are u saying, I spent last 6 years, sitting down working, and my back is f..., and I train semi professionaly 6 days a week, now as I write I am standing up, and stop often, one think that helped me a lot, is put the pc with a window behind, I am on the ground floor...
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    Earn around $100 a day with no upfront costs

    u can use cam, sites, check cpa sites, too.
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    Instant Dating/Adult Traffic, No Bullshit Just Traffic

    is that from only using the method on 1 site? On how many site you can use it?
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    KIK - The Incent Dating Machine

    do u know what network as easy Apps to download?
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    KIK - The Incent Dating Machine

    yes may be sharing it on social sites.
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    How I Earn $2k Weekly Selling Discount Cards

    I am confused to, may be more details, would clear some things up...
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    How can i get the traffic to Airport Taxi website?

    adwords network, facebook, youtube videos, twitter, offline promotion at bus stops, and anywhere u think may be interest.
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    Step by Step Tutorial to Making Money With PPD + YouTube = 100% Working!

    the only think is you need to upload videos, daily, that keywords used in the video, make them deleted quite quick.
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    Make $500 weekly easy with city busses

    near university you can use schoolarship offers, loan, etc, insurance offers, should work too, and credit repair, too. Where i live there is still private money lenders, they advertise, with small flyers, they plaster motorbikes and cars outside the schools, at pick up time. Family with kids...
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    Make $500 weekly easy with city busses

    so guys how are you doing with this? In the country where I live there is not, affiliate like this expecially that pay for sign up. Will try to outsource in another country
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    Make $500 weekly easy with city busses

    i saw this method also using magnetic plastic sheet, can put on your car, or split the earning with somebody that drive a lot. but you right bus stop, are a good places.
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    Make $500 weekly easy with city busses

    yes very good idea, plus add one of that , QR code, in some country, there are some free newspapers on the buses and tubes, if you can get a way to put flyers inside them, would be very good to. may be split the money with the guy in charge of delivery..
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    Offline CPA road signs

    how is going the sign posting, may be you shopuld try a higher paying cpa offer, like paydayloans, or something like that.