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    How to Verify US PayPal Accounts for Free

    That's only if you are a US citizen. If you tell them you are from outside the US you only need to send a page from your passport. I know because I did this.
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    Is there a need for EU-Passports ?

    This can come handy to get ghost addresses and prepaid debits cards and stuff like that. I would consider this if I had proof it would work.
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    Landing Pages or Separate Domains

    I think you should "get a separate domain name for his main keyword for each city/town in his area or is is better to just set up a landing page for his keyword in each city/town on his main site". This way you increase your odds of getting to page one. You can always link the sites back to...
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    i just bought domain what??

    Check and see if Google registered their trademark there. If they don't have a trademark there they will not come after you. I once had a domain with "ebay" in the name. I used it for internal linking purposes only and ebay did not do anything. They sent me an email saying I can't use it to...
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    Set up Wordpress Sites for people who know little about websites, and make $75.00 each.

    Don't give up. I had great success by doing a few websites/blogs for free. The people I did them for told their friends about and I had more business than I could handle. Go to social events, pick out the most outgoing person in the room, see if they have a blog/website, if not offer to do...
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    A 15 year old's goals (I'm sick of not making money).

    I know this may sound crazy but I listen to IM training while I sleep. I wake up with some killer ideas. I guess you can say I'm learning as I sleep.
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    Google Frowns upon Whois Privacy?

    This is a new one on e. I used to pay for privacy protection. I created a company and use a friend in another county's name. I learned that from one of the guru's in a few high end programs found on the board. Never had a problem.
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    Some of my Designs - I'm New Here :)

    Hi, I was just about to post a job for a New Orleans Streetcar. I need an original image in high resolution for print and website. Can you do this? If so, how much. I don't have a big budget.
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    A resource for mobile marketing

    Thanks for the great info. I'm in the process of selling a product via iphone and mobile marketing fit in great with what I want to do.
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    Little Known *AWESOME* Traffic Methods :)

    Thanks, I've been hearing so much about Tube Mogul so I will give them a try. I was debating on Traffic Geyser.
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    FACEBOOK cracking down on users who connect from different locations i.e proxy

    This is interesting. I login three different accounts from the same computer all the time and nothing has happened. Iv'e been doing this for over a year.
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    Simple eBay method

    If someone told me two or three years ago I could make a few thousands dollars a month selling free stuff I would have laugh at them. I'm making a nice profit with public domain and out of date software drivers. Stuff people could download from the internet for free. I'm not complaining of...
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    Easy Blueprint To Get To $200 A Day

    Seems like "blueprint" is the word of the day. Paid traffic is great. I want organic myself.
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    50 Posts required - Good or Bad?

    I agree with the 50 character minimum per reply rule. I've had to pad a reply to say what I could easily save in a few words. I'm still exploring. Lots of good stuff and training.