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    Which OS do u use??

    I am using Windows XP for my Sony PC Vaio and I am using Windows 7 for my Toshiba Laptop & HP Laptop. I like Windows 7 better then Windows XP because it just seems like a more modern OS.
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    100 keyboard shortcuts!! ^^

    Re: 100 keyboard shortcuts!! ^^ Wow, that's a lot of shortcuts that I didn't know. I knew the obvious ones but I'm going to save this list. Thanks for sharing man, I really appreciate it, much love. :)
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    Your favorite browser?

    FireFox, because it is a great modern browser. It fits all of my needs, the only thing I would like is it to load up faster but it's probably my PC.
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    Business Website Template

    Check this out: WordPress › Free WordPress Themes What do you think? These are good themes in my opinion.
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    Simple method to earn 400 USD+ per month

    I think under that policy they will termite the account because of copyright infringement. I would get someone proficient in law to read over that policy and look for any loop holes.
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    (Free!) 10 tools that can help your business owner’s site rank above their competition

    Thanks for sharing these tips and techniques. I've known most of these, but you showed me many new ones. Thanks and I appreciate it.
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    YouTube Partnership?

    Hey, I'm a beginner in PPV, does YouTube partnership count as a PPV? I got offered to sign up for my videos. What are the pros and cons of YouTube partnership?
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    Money on Ebay.

    Sorry for the bump, but brilliant idea chap. I have been doing this for many people and this works great. You are right about the HostGator reseller hosting, many of these newbies don't know how to move it or are just too lazy.
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    Ebay gift card twist method

    Thanks for the method, I will trial this out later. Hopefully, this will work because this could work out well for me.
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    Beginner Email Marketer

    I'm a beginner in the email marketing 'world' and I would like to know some things to do and things not to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    MM Is Here!

    Thanks chap for welcoming me into the forum. Cheers ~
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    Will a simple site rank #1 in google

    Once you get comfortable with the blogging system, I would suggest getting a TLD (.com, .net) and getting paid hosting and then you can have your own control over your site and get profit by advertisements, sponsors or what not.
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    100% Free method! $20+ a day for ! hour of work. Noobs check it!!!

    This method doesn't work anymore because they do not pay out. What is the 'object of value' they are giving out? Does anyone know?
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    What's the best alternative to google to monetize my website ?

    PPC: I would try adbrite, I heard they were as good as Google's adsense. I heard adbrite had similar pay out rates to adsense.
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    My first sale today and got 127$ to my Paypal!!!!!

    Congratulations on your first sale and we hope that you have many more in the future. Your future looks bright and keep going and never stop on your goals!