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    Finally made a decision~! Goal : $2,500 / month Method of choice is ......

    Hey Kiyarameru, how much would you need for a new netbook or something? $200? Because I will try to help you if you want my help.
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    HARLEM SHAKE Mario Version!!

    Why are you posting that here? That's free content that could go to your website or fanpage. Just saying. ;)
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    I don't have it in me.

    Aw man. Now I am doubting myself too. :( Anyway at least try first. At least try. I think I know how you feel. You keep trying to do something over and over again but you keep getting the same result. But you want it to be different next time, so you try again but it's still the same. Nada...
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    I don't have it in me.

    IM is not just about writing a bunch of articles. There is so much, much, more than that. Whatever you do, just don't quit your job / career to go IM full time.
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    What is better? CPA link-locker or PPD like FileIce?

    I went to the site and found: "Registrations have been closed for routine maintenance. They will be re-opened within a day or two, check back soon!" Also you could go straight to Adscend and Adwork Media instead if you want to.
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    Yeah Leandros are you from Hawaii? shakah bra
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    The 2012 Zombie Apocalypse Tracker -You knew it would happen

    Don't worry about me guys. I live on an island in the sea. Our fishing nets hanging from trees will entangle them as soon as they learn how to swim. Our anti-zombie coconuts will block out the sun! To prepare I will train octopuses to climb trees and throw things. Maybe sell it as an ebook...
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    TEAM ENIGMA Plan of Attack

    We can make a break up guide! How to, how to recover, how to survive life after breaking up with an SO. OR. "How to get your ex back" I know this one has got to have plenty of people who would jump at their second chance to get their last flame back. These are most likely the same people...
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    Full Outsource Wealth Video series now on VIP

    If you are not a VIP member, now would be a good time to become one. You can't go wrong with following Smeltzer's outsourcing, ever. It's not even that hard. It's not some demanding method where you need like five different things to succeed. It will never be over-saturated. If you guys are...
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    TEAM ENIGMA Plan of Attack

    Google is super helpful! What is the fastest way i can lose weight? What's the best way to get abs? What is the easiest/quickest way to build muscle? What is the best martial art for self defence? What is the best martial art for MMA? What is the fastest way to make money online? And on...
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    TEAM ENIGMA Plan of Attack

    Fitness for Internet Marketers. We all need to get in shape before our caffeine addiction and stress do something bad to our bodies. Like eat healthier, avoid the energy drinks, and stuff. Just an idea, putting it out there.
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    TEAM ENIGMA Plan of Attack

    No problem, my internet went down as soon as the freak thunder storm showed up. The rain has stopped now, the sun is back, and so is the internet . I get the same message to most of the time. I'm ready to start working on anything right about now.
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    TEAM ENIGMA Plan of Attack

    A book that helps a young man straight out of High School. Because if we don't pick him up as a customer, somebody else will. ;) It will cover (not everything) how to become successful at life after school. Tell him to figure out what he wants out of life and give him the know how on how to...
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    TEAM ENIGMA Plan of Attack

    I also like the kindle idea. It's just the fastest way given the small amount of time that we have. What shall it be about?