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    HTML Problem.. need help..

    I think you should study html and please elaborate your problem
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    Can we put 2 link on a Banner?

    you can put that by the image tag but you have to be careful.
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    White Hat SEO questions -

    QDF stands for Query Deserve Freshness. It is a special component of google algorithm that pays a special attention on queries, updation etc.
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    What Is Seo?

    Seo stands for Search Engine Optimization. It tells that how will you optimize your website pr searches in an efficient manner.
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    Proxy and ISP

    but if you make the VLan then it can be possible that ISP doesnot know it.
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    Logo Design

    I have experience in this field.
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    Some of my Designs - I'm New Here :)

    u have a great work buddy, have a great success in life.
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    why do you wnat to become a software engineer, first clear your scope
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    How to Protect Our Computer from the Viruses?...................

    install the latest version and update it. It can be firewall, antivirus
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    What Kinds of Things Would Interest You Here?

    oyu can do anything you like in sql and if you want something then tell me
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    Need to have a chat with a C++ guru...

    tell me the topic in which you wnat help
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    C++ Core Developer

    what you want to developit..plz elaborate in detail
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    What is your definition of Google+ and what is your opinion of the service so far?

    it is the next social networking site. I think it gives the great competition to facebook.
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    My payment received from Incrasebux

    it is good n awesome which will help the individuals