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    MMDCash Can Take Philippines Chat Traffic

    same here i tried to contact buster asking if they have an offer that accepts international traffic coz im getting 600+ ave clicks per day but he didn't reply.
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    Investing 30k into IM.

    I agree with AP, never get into JV's. They will steal you ideas..
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    Facebook Ads - Ask Anything!

    hey AP! I tried to create a campaign on a fake fb account.. when i placed by main paypal.. my fake fb account automatically banned! Do you think it has something to do with the email and the billing address? thanks..
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    aP's Journal to PPV Success!

    How do you managed to lower you CPC? When i tried bidding on FB my suggested CPC was 0.60-0.80
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    Facebook Ads - Ask Anything!

    yah been testing for almost 4 months but nothing works for just wasted $800 maybe just trying to figure it out what works what not.. got lots of LP's, ads copies. I tried to replicate also what the big boys are doing but still nothing :(
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    Facebook Ads - Ask Anything!

    Do you have any ebooks for FB PPC? Im really intrigue on this after i saw your thread.. Thanks..
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    aP's Journal to PPV Success!

    Cool Journal bro! Nice to know that you're making a serious cash on PPC, PPV and FB. But me i've already burned $600 on ppv but still no money have been made! tsk! and on PPC i've burned $200 only $2 returned. I dont know but i think i sucked at paid traffic. Now im doing Media Buys.. Hope to...
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    $100 million mentor---media buying!!!

    lol! same here! i thought media uying is PPV and PPC..
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    How to Iframe

    First off what is iframe? Definition of: iFrame (Inline FRAME) An HTML structure that allows another HTML document to be inserted into an HTML page. The iFrame is set up as a window frame of a specified size that scrolls along with the rest of the page, but the iFrame's content can itself...
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    Need Facebook Help (Ask Here)

    anyone here has the force invite code? im still using this <div id="step2" style="display:none;"><fb:request-form method="post" type="FACEBOOK FAN PAGE NAME" clicktohide="step2" clicktoshow="step3" invite="true" 4 content="Text to invite your friends. <fb:req-choice url='FACEBOOK FAN PAGE...
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    Need help asap (please read)

    nevermined.. someone lend me some money already.. tnx for your time
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    FREE VIP Access?

    1. Tell me your story How you got started in internet marketing and why? - I quit my job because i thought i can find a better and high paying one. I tried to apply but i always ended up and fails on the last interview, (i don't know why) after 1 year , i found out about making money online and...
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    My First Share--Kill It With PPC!!!

    hmmm just a question, im still new to ppc im just wondering isn't it if you bid for the brand name it will cost too much per click? ---------- Post added at 06:08 AM ---------- Previous post was at 06:06 AM ---------- cost per action.. examples of cpa networks are maxbounty copeac...
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    New member in Angeles, Philippines.

    enjoy your stay here! hope we can be partners someday coz im from philippines also. If you're a newbie on IM just read my motto "Don't just say it! Just do it!" :D
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    Introduce Yourself Here

    Hi all, im from Philippines, its funny how i found MMD. I was searching for stoned .com alternatives and what do you know it took me here :D