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    Got any interesting news?
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    Hey guys and gals!

    Welcome You! Let us know if we can assist in any way...
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    Good few days

    Tyler? Longview?
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    Good few days

    So sorry I haven't been around... Was planning on spending some serious time online last night and this morning, but got an unexpected treat. Last night got INCREDIBLE seats for the Dallas Stars game for FREE; and parking passes. Also this morning got a free round of golf! So been a good...
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    New Revolutionary Program!

    Hi Gwen, glad you stopped by... I went ahead and adjusted that link for you... I mean I don't think you meant to just swoop-in and drop an affiliate link... Once you invest in this community you can post it again...
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    Welcome man
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    What would everyone like to learn?

    Give us some ideas... Be specific, don't just say "make money" thats a given. Doesn't have to be specific to only money making, could be something like "How To Install Wordpress." Ect...
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    What's Up MMD

    show initiative, willingness to help, creativity... and it doesn't hurt to $hall we $ay grea$e the wheel$ with a $ome kind of appreciation...
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    What's Up MMD

    HMMM... My finger is inching closer and closer to the ban button...
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    What WH programs are you into?

    I am working on getting really deep into WH internet marketing, already do some (not much) but I am going to dedicate a large chunk of my time and some resources towards getting a large chunk of income legit... I have just invested into something (yes from a guru...) but wanted to know if...
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    Been paid for February 2009 by

    Sweet! Is it all from filling out offers or so you have a downline?
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    Financial Crisis

    Personally not worried. Too poor to have stocks, and feel pretty secure in my job position... The thing about recessions too is they are temporary. Once the market(s) go through their corrective cycle, things will start picking up again...
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    Are Backlinks Worth Purchasing

    Would like to know where he is buying traffic and backlinks??
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    What does your Wife say?

    Agreed 100% My wife and I are good at compromising. I'll "watch" a show with her on the couch, while working on my laptop. When she or my daughter needs attention, I put the laptop down no questions asked. I usually do an hour or so of work after bed time, again with my laptop laying in bed...
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    Hi from Oregon

    Welcome... If we can help you with anything please PM me...