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    Smeltzer Email Marketing Journal the Solo Ad Experience

    Hey guys sorry lack of replies just been busy with life. Yes I am selling solos each and everyday. Yes I am also buying solos. With Manny's new method yesterday I made almost 1 grand selling solos. It is easier then what one might think.
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    Guaranteed Sales for your solo business on MMD

    It is great we are getting solo ad sellers here to advertise there business. This helps to get the word out that there is a new marketplace in town. Unlike all the other guys we are free for now. With no requirements. What more can one ask for? Now that you have an advertisement here why not...
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    MMD Solo Ad Marketplace and other changes

    Hey everyone hope everyone is enjoying the new improved MMD. It looks much better then it ever has before. this is almost everything I have dreamed about since being with MMD. I would Like to thank Doc, Adam and Bo for there hard work on this forum. I hope everyone is enjoying it. I hope...
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    MMD Solo Mastermind Connection we have FB and Skype!

    There is more than one way to skin a cat and we understand this. So just for Members of this forum I have taken the liberty of creating both a skype and facebook group. What does this mean for you? MORE exposure! To join our skype group please click here...
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    Smeltzer Does Solos

    Lead by example right? Welcome to the wonderful world of Smeltzer's Solos If you are here then you must be interested in a High Quality Solo. My solos are proven to convert. I am not into LONG lengthy sales letters. So instead I will let my customers do the talking for me! And...
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    What is a Solo-Ad? Why use this section?

    I have been asked a few times about what a solo-ad is, so I decided to write up a little something to explain it. A solo-ad is an email advertisement. It is usually a little higher converting then other forms of traffic. It is geared most generally to a certain targeted niche. Most you will see...
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    RULES for this Section

    I know rules are everywhere. Yet if we have total anarchy this too shall fall. So for now we are going to set a few guidelines to be followed. This section is FREE for now providing that you follow these rules. 1. No linking to other forums to show your testimonials. If you so desire...
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    Smeltzer Email Marketing Journal the Solo Ad Experience

    Wooo welcome back MMD. I failed to keep track once again but the business has taken a down turn temporary my cost have escalated as I am now keeping my list in several other places. BTW how is everyone liking the new forum?
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    Smeltzer Email Marketing Journal the Solo Ad Experience

    Lol Sorry riverside. Well been going through a lot at the time being. Took a few hits in this business. Yet truly desire to make it you will. You will find a way. Far as money goes notttt tooo certain. Today I made 325.00 That is not normal no. But it does happen.
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    Smeltzer Email Marketing Journal the Solo Ad Experience

    Sorry for not ting this sooner but I did break my 3k mark in my time frame. Things have been going slow due to set backs. Earned 90.00 yesterday. = Grand total of 3059.00 ;) Only gonna get better from here.