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    Very good site for make money online

    well this its not a site its an optin where it collects people email in exchange for a freebie
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    YouTube SEO tips

    Make video in HD Make longer videos Make videos that deliver real value and will make people to like share and comment giving you high ranking
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    Hey i click your link and your domain its expired .What its hapening
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    Become a partner and earn money right now!

    So to understand this its like a mlm business where you need to attract more people for your income to grow .I am right ?
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    How to Make Money Online in 3 Minutes

    Well i am interested in swagbucks as i live in uk but please tell me it realy deserve to loose time . Because majority of survey sites i try or they dont pay or you work for penies
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    Make $5000 dollars a week easily with 3 simple steps learn in just 5 minutes

    Oh common at least deliver a bit of value information until you send us to an affiliate offer
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    How do you plan to attract people to our website?

    Value its the key word .many people focus so much on link building writing for seo instead focusing on people .if you want to have succes with a blog you must deliver content that add value
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    Money through surveys, offers and simple tasks

    Common why to need for penies when you can build a real business like affiliate marketing coa marketing etc
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    Mako money online

    Can you give more more information about what this site its ? For example ptc site or gpt etc
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    Make Money from Home

    Well no offense but i dont think its easy to make $100 per day just by pisting ads on facebook
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    How to promote my content?

    Well you can register to quora and answer to people questions in your niche and from time to time link to your site be sure to add value .You can regiater on forums ro your niche and link your blog in signature ,dont put your blig as soon you register ,first make 30 or 40 posts and after that...
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    Make Money Online and Increase Website Traffic by Viralroll

    Well how much its pays for 1000 visits for example ? and if i will use it in my youtube videos links i promote etc ? I will not lose traffic ? Because for what i understand it has ads and i dont want for people to click on ads instead going directly to my aff offer
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    YouTube SEO

    Well its the process of optinizing your video title descriptikn tags to rank higher in google and bot youtube and also backlinks are important
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    Money through surveys, offers and simple tasks

    You can give more details please .what sites to use how money we can make how much time we need to spend etc