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    Phenom's $100 Holiday Giveaway

    Outstanding dude....that my friend is the Christmas spirit twiztd
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    Merry Christmas From Louisiana

    I hope you and yours have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Twiztd
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    Need to have an American Presense But Not in the US?

    incorporate in Delaware or Nevada.....that have the best tax structures. If you need help let me know and I can point you in the right direction. Twiztd
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    Are Backlinks Worth Purchasing

    WTF is this...does not seem to fit
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    Are Backlinks Worth Purchasing

    we now build all our own....we use a number of techniques and software programs. we get the benefit of the traffic from the places we build links. and that traffic converts....which is the name of the game Twiztd
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    Pay Per View 101

    love the concept Twiztd PS we track everything at the keyword level...never tried the PPV
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    How many of you here were banned at another Forum

    have not been banned from any forums (at least none that matter). I have had 4 or 5 google adwords accts closed for pissing off We still have 3 accts that we use...a banning is nothing more than a minor irritation. twiztd
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    What WH programs are you into?

    I guess a good definition of WH would be helpful.....LOL We have a very good IM business helping offline businesses market their sites. We also do a bit of PPC marketing and make a few $$$ wiht it as well. I use senuke...traffic kahuna and some other programs to promote this BH...
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    Web services

    I'm going to do something I'm not sure I want to get myself into but as a member of this group I want to help add to it. For those that think all I'm doing is trying to sell something, I am. But its at a deeply discounted rate. If you've have ever tried to find someone to build a website...
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    Good few days

    Dallas huh.....I'm a couple hours east of ya
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    What would everyone like to learn?

    You beat me to it Robi....can I also suggest the an email or mass PM be sent to all the members asking this same question. I for one would like to know some good techniques on find going forums to stuff what to look for...besides does it accept html what makes a good forum to stuff what are...
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    MY Name simplemanpk

    welcome to the forum simplemanpk....there is lots of good info here.
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    What's Up MMD

    Welcome banana.....I'm fairly new to a lot of the techniques here but I've already made money from the info here. I would suggest you look over the forum in will find that egay is on the warpath and that pretty much has everyone's attention right now (though it shouldn't) there are...
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    Are Backlinks Worth Purchasing

    depends on where you buy the links we create our own...have not investigated the cost difference between the two options