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    How To Get My Backlinks Indexed?

    You can leave them for google to naturally index or you can place all your urls into pingfarm and to mass ping them. Another method you could use is if you have a few gmail accounts. Place all your urls in one email to another of your gmail accounts and google will pick these up. It does work...
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    OK if you wish to support bob parsons and his shooting pastime antics in S Africa! I for one will never buy from his company like many others, no matter what he is offering as an incentive. Godaddy can go Gostuffeddaddy.
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    climbed over the 50k...

    This is pure bull-S*** full stop! If anyone is making 50k a amonth they would not be here bragging about it. What do you hope to gain by saying you are making 50k a month? Some admirers or something? I'm sure a lot of people will smell the muck...
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    235+ websites making $4-$50 per day. This is how I do it. Ultimate Virtual Real Estate.

    Very nice post and very useful to many i feel here in the forum looking for ways to earn money.
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    Whats the quickest way to make $100 a week without having a webiste ?

    Also with fiverr you have to wait 10 days plus for money to be in your account there to transfer to paypal. If the poster has money for a domain approx $2-10 you can get a free site from then there is no hosting fees to pay each month, you have your own domain and no one can tell...
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    Wanted to show off my banner

    You can get the same effects using xheader and then just sharpening the image up and going for 300 dpi
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    Greetings From Sunny England

    Welcome aboard Reaper and i hope you enjoy yourself here :)
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    300ish Auto Approve Backlinks

    In question above SB stands for scrape box
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    Here is how I make money online - FREE POWERFUL INFORMATION

    worth giving it a try i guess thanks. As one of mine is PR6 so it should be accepted
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    Where do you buy Quality Backlinks?

    I got one of their packages from and got a few .edu links for like $14 each
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    How do you redirect something to a cpa offer on blogger?

    I hate those sites were you are asked to complete a survey or choose a product to trial..... I'm sure others feel the same way and just leave the site full stop!
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    can i get busted for this ?

    When you say you copy/paste from other ebooks etc are you just copying paragraphs or the whole ebook? If you do just paragraphs you can just spin the articles and its ok then
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    Help me identify whats wrong please?

    I feel sure this is the reason as Feixia quoted above with google. As I have a keyword domain ranking on page 1 at 4th position and its just now this month i am getting some juice from this with over 90,000 searches a month. Although i have a domain at number 1 on google for a popular...