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    What sites do you recommend for checking an affiliate programs reputation?

    I usually come to this site to check and see if an affiliate program has a good reputation before I send them traffic. I also check ripoffreport. Are there any other sites that my fellow affiliates recommend should be checked for feedback on different programs? It seems that the past year has...
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    New Cash University ~ CU ~ Launched today

    Has everyone been paid what they were owed by the old CU? I was just wondering who else is still owed from the week of 9/5 - 9/11? I can't see myself signing up for the new and improved CU when I am owed money I earned over a month ago. I haven't even been able to get a response lately. When I...
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    Who runs the affiliate program for whitegfs . com

    Can anyone link me up to the affiliate site that promotes
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    Which affiliate programs accept CL (C r a i g s l i s t) Traffic?

    The only one I know of that openly accepts CL traffic is Cash University. If you know of any others please post in this thread. There are also some programs that accept CL traffic but do not like to have that fact broadcast all over the internet. If you want to share info on those companies I...
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    any info on this dating network?

    Does anyone have experience with this one? easydatingdollars
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    CU stats?

    Is anyone else seeing sales disappear and reappear today on the CU stats? I've had anywhere from 3 signups to 50 to 74 and then back down again. Keeps changing every time I look. Has anyone heard anything from support?
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    If you use CashUniversity's datesafeguard lander

    If you were sending traffic to the datesafeguard or findsafegirls landing pages for your campaigns on CU, Vito has been redirecting them to He left your link codes intact so that you wouldn't even notice the link is any different. If your link was...
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    image resizing program?

    Does anyone know of a program that will take 1 image and make it many different sizes? Just want to take 1 image and change it's size by a few pixels at a time. I need many different variations of the same image. Does something like that exist?
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    How much did steal from you?

    For me it was just over 7K. Curious to know what their total take was this go round? Anyone else care to share?
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    mmdcash iframe?

    Can the mmdcash iframe #2 still be used? I was just setting up a new lander and was going to use it but when I tested it, I received the following message: This Affiliate Link Has Be Flagged Due to a Violation of our Company Policy. Consequently, the account associated with this link...