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  1. pk4inch

    Adult Affiliate Network Partnership

    Hi we are group of adult chat agents that promote adult sites using chat traffic in professional manner. We have large amount of agents that trained professionally. We are in need of Adult Affiliate Networks that can support us with a products that can offer to our clients. No worries with fraud...
  2. pk4inch Best Paying Adult Affiliate Programs + Payment Proof

    Hi guys I just want to share to you a good Affiliate Adult Program, Adult Webmaster Empire is the one of the best adult affiliate sites in the web, they branded sites are cam sites which is easy way to drive traffic. I'll show you some of my payments by them. Here's my check I've received...
  3. pk4inch

    I need advice!

    Hi guys, Since I came here in MMD, My thinking was to make money online and I was so shocked in the information I saw and red. But I can't start anything I don't know how to start making money in any methods, the worst is I lost my job and stick in IM industry, everyday seems hopeless for me...
  4. pk4inch

    Just a Noob Question

    Hello there, Can I sell my advertisers products on amazon or ebay? If yes, How? I have registered in CJ. And I don't know how to start. regards,
  5. pk4inch

    I'm confused, Help

    I'm new in MMD and IM, i don't know how to start making money on internet, Please help me guys, i want to learn from scratch... any idea?:bawling:
  6. pk4inch

    hello there

    Nice being in this very informative forum... I think I will learn a lot on this forum... see yah:p