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  1. Fade

    Easy $100 A Day - Perfect For Noobs

    It's because he copied it from another forum.
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    Facebook will be SHUT DOWN in March 15th :D:D

    Its a hoax, and if your the same guy on other forums stop spamming and find a real traffic source.
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    It doesn't get any easier then this.

    If your getting 2k hits a day you need to stop using adfly and start using a CPA company. You could probably make $100+ a day pretty easy with your current traffic assuming you have something decent to download. Start looking at networks with content blockers or using a content locking script...
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    New Ways To Get Friends Quickly?

    Every so often I go back to FB and try to figure it out. So far this time I have: - Purchased a PVA account from a good guy - fully detailed profile - Joined the top 200 fan pages and some other random ones - Sniped out some comments on the fan pages when they updated and every once in awhile...
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    The 'WTF' expired domains thread Possible niche idea?
  6. Fade

    CPA And SEO - A Journal - By Fade

    Quick update Ranking #12 for primary keyword Ranking in the 200's for another keyword with about 5 million competition Made $420 this month through organic search sales Next month I expect to do $1500+
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    We Do Link Building for your site! Increase your site Traffic!

    OP did his service exactly as described and gave a fantastic report. The forums he did were all PR 6-8 and in English. He also gave me a lot of bonus links - and not just 2 or 3 he really went above and beyond for this package. The report was very organized, he gave me the home URLs and...
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    >>>Kill Your Competitors!-High Authority Profile Backlinks<<<

    anyo1982 delivered the service exactly as described and even threw in a bunch of extra links for me. The service was done lightning fast as well - he sent me a final report in under 24 hours. All forums were done correctly and all profiles are working, all forums were english speaking as well...
  9. Fade

    Effortless Link Building Solution!

    Okay got some more links today and I'll say I am impressed with the whole system. The links are coming from english speaking forums on major platforms such as vbulletin. Some of the PageRanks that I checked (for the homepage PR) were 3-4 and some were 0. Honestly, for 2 cents a link your...
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    Effortless Link Building Solution!

    griraim was kind enough to give me 100 links free. I setup 2 websites to do 20 links a day and I'll report back with how everything goes. Thanks, -Fade
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    Effortless Link Building Solution!

    I'll take a review :-)
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    We Do Link Building for your site! Increase your site Traffic!

    I'll take a review copy if they are still available.
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    Rewriting www in htaccess - any effect on SEO?

    In short no. is a different site than Build backlinks to one not both.
  14. Fade

    CPA And SEO - A Journal - By Fade

    Wow it's been a month since I updated this yikes! Not much to say other than I'm working hard on getting my main keyword up on the first page (currently on page 3). That longtail that was at #3 dropped down to the second page then went back to #6 where it has been stuck. Also main keyword...
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    HELP ME . . . Name this tool please . . . .

    If it's going to be the ultimate tool then it should have the ultimate name. I like to use mythical beasts and what not for naming things showing their raw power. Some ideas are: Link Leviathan This is what a Leviathan is: Leviathan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Backlink Devil Hydra...
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    Quick SEO Tips

    1. Register your domain for 2+ years. Google can see how long your domain is registered for and they consider this in their antilogarithms. 2. Make your affiliate links nofollow, you can do this by using this code: <a href="" rel="nofollow">Google</a> 3. Use special...
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    My Easy Way To Make Money With Twitter

    Be cautious about their TOS they banned me about a year ago when I started making $50+ a day off referrals. Probably wanted to keep the extra money for themselves...
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    IpFreelyProxies formerly known as **Texacola Proxies** is back!

    I didn't notice at first but I got my new proxies and they somehow seem even faster! This really is the best proxy service you can get right now. Thanks Tex!
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    You have a $200 budget; what do you buy?

    ScrapeBox ($57 one time) Unique Article Wizard ($67 per month) Spend the rest on outsourcing article writing/spinning Start getting steady backlinks through UAW then use ScrapeBox to find other backlinks to get and more keywords to target.