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  1. Robi

    Good few days

    So sorry I haven't been around... Was planning on spending some serious time online last night and this morning, but got an unexpected treat. Last night got INCREDIBLE seats for the Dallas Stars game for FREE; and parking passes. Also this morning got a free round of golf! So been a good...
  2. Robi

    What would everyone like to learn?

    Give us some ideas... Be specific, don't just say "make money" thats a given. Doesn't have to be specific to only money making, could be something like "How To Install Wordpress." Ect...
  3. Robi

    What WH programs are you into?

    I am working on getting really deep into WH internet marketing, already do some (not much) but I am going to dedicate a large chunk of my time and some resources towards getting a large chunk of income legit... I have just invested into something (yes from a guru...) but wanted to know if...
  4. Robi

    Going Golfing FOR FREE

    Today is my day off, and my boss called (we are friends) and wants to go golfing today and pay for it!!!!!!!!!
  5. Robi

    Need 5 people's assistance

    I am in the middle of developing a firefox extension that has the possibility to be huge for me. The problem is I need it tested by other people to determine IF it is actually working for me. It would simply require you to download and install the extension for 5 days and each day go to...
  6. Robi

    Game- Change 1 letter in the word above...

    That's all, just change one letter and see how long it goes.. When we're stumped, someone can add a new word and we'll use that one. **** CAPITALIZE THE LETTER THAT WAS CHANGED **** ... and of course, no repeats (i.e. food, foot, food), if possible, although nothing dreadful will happen to...
  7. Robi

    Must Have Adwords Tool- PPC Webspy

    I don't normally advertise a tool, especially when there is a cost involved. I figure people will find what they want to pay for. But this tool is FREE and FREAKING AWESOME! This literally lets you legally spy on some else's adwords campaigns and see what they are paying for what keywords! Not...
  8. Robi

    Wife is coming home!!!

    Mrs. Robi has been out of town with the kiddo for 5 days now, and is on her way home NOW!!! By my estimation she is only 3 hours from home (if she isnt speeding... yeah right)!!! I can't tell you how elated I am to have them back... It's safe to say I won't be posting tonight...;):D;)