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  1. Fade

    New Ways To Get Friends Quickly?

    Every so often I go back to FB and try to figure it out. So far this time I have: - Purchased a PVA account from a good guy - fully detailed profile - Joined the top 200 fan pages and some other random ones - Sniped out some comments on the fan pages when they updated and every once in awhile...
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    Quick SEO Tips

    1. Register your domain for 2+ years. Google can see how long your domain is registered for and they consider this in their antilogarithms. 2. Make your affiliate links nofollow, you can do this by using this code: <a href="" rel="nofollow">Google</a> 3. Use special...
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    Free Scrapebox Scrape For A Trade

    Over the next few days I am going to need a simple thing from you guys/gals. I need people in the USA to send a Gmail invite to one of my Yahoo accounts. In trade I will scrape a list of places for you to put a link, I'll filter out all the sites below PR 1. You can give me keywords to make...
  4. Fade

    Determine The Profitability Of Each Keyword

    I just came up with this formula and it is not an exact science but I found it pretty useful to determine the profitability of each keyword you are looking to target. First of all go to Google Keyword Tool and choose the previous interface. Plug in your keywords and set them to Phrase. Now I...
  5. Fade

    Local Search Domination Part I - Understanding The Place Page

    Local Search Domination Part I - Understanding The Place Page Local search is changing the way people find businesses near their location. Many of you have probably noticed you can now type in "Dentist" and get local search results coming up above the normal SERPS. You can also target areas...
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    Two Very Important SEO Tips You May Be Missing

    I'll try and keep this short and sweet because it's very important and I want you to read it. Link Diversity: In a nut shell live diversity simply means you want to "spread out" all of your links. That is both onpage and offpage - and it also includes which anchor text you use...
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    Anyone On Skype?

    I just made a new Skype name feel free to add me: FadeM3
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    Simple $5 A Day Method

    I see a lot of people saying they are willing to work hard and they just want to make $5 a day to start. Well, I feel that is a very reasonable goal to start out with so I will show you a little method that can make you $5 a day (and potentially a lot more). This will take a bit of work but if...
  9. Fade

    CPA And SEO - A Journal - By Fade

    Well I am taking an official plunge into CPA. Until recently I never even considered trying to tie CPA and SEO together. Seeing BlackEyedPeas recent thread really triggered something in me for some reason. I need to do a side project - something to do with regular SEO again since I've been...
  10. Fade

    Ask Fade - Local SEO Questions Answered

    I could do a write up on this and I almost did, however, I realized I would give away just a bit too much information on the topic. I have to protect my own assets after all ;-) Instead I will answer to the best of my ability any questions you may have about local SEO and ranking. Fire away.
  11. Fade

    Blackhat Cigarettes

    Hey MMD it's been awhile since I posted a method so I thought I would share this one with you. I have yet to try it but I'm 100% positive this could be a great money maker. And the best part is at the end of the day you will have cold hard cash in your pocket ;) Recently the price of...
  12. Fade

    Inactivety And Such

    Been a lot going on lately. I have not logged in here in a little while. I'll be back soon - most likely the first week on January. As for now happy holidays to everyone and keep the light on ;)
  13. Fade

    Secret Blog For Membership Site....

    Hey guys, If you don't know already I do a lot of site building for clients with a graphic designer. We have a client with a dating membership site in an overlooked niche. The site does not have very much content on it as its still fairly new (not a lot of members or anything). Now we are...
  14. Fade

    The Beer Thread

    :beerglass::beerglass::beerglass::beerglass::beerglass::beerglass::beerglass::beerglass::beerglass::beerglass::beerglass::beerglass::beerglass::beerglass::beerglass::beerglass::beerglass::beerglass::beerglass::beerglass::beerglass::beerglass::beerglass::beerglass::beerglass::beerglass: List...
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    Mailing 101 For Ewhores

    This is an introduction to mailing for ewhores. The reason I put this thread in the ewhore section is because we are going to focus on mailing to C*L addresses - and because the new MMD network will be coming soon. I am not going to go very in depth in this post - just outline what you need...
  16. Fade

    What Were You Doing Last Night?

    YouTube - Best drunk dude ever attempts to buy more beer. Fails hard.
  17. Fade

    [Method] Congratulations You Won!

    There are 2 ways to do this the first: Go to craigs*list and scrape emails from any section then send them an email saying something like: "Congradulations your posting won! Every week we take the end of every post we take "1429888593"...
  18. Fade

    Dating 101 - Start Here

    I see a lot of people who are starting to ewhore, and a lot who may need some direction. There are many faces of ewhoring and I am going to try my best to both explain ewhoring and how to do it. What is ewhoring? Ewhoring is a generalized term thrown around by marketers - when we say...
  19. Fade

    Ewhore Landing Pages - Do you Need Them?

    Since I work closely with a graphics designer we can easily make landing pages. The only question is, is there any interest here for them? We were thinking about making templates that would work with any of the ewhoring networks and selling limited copies of each one. Or doing custom ones...
  20. Fade

    What Music Are You Listening To?

    I don't know about you guys and ladies but music and work for me go hand in hand - the tunes help me relax and keep on task as the hours fly by. So what are you listening to right now?