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  1. Poggle

    TEAM ENIGMA Plan of Attack

    This is Team Enigma's journal for the MMD October Extravaganza! The members of TEAM ENIGMA are: Poggle SniFFer Enigmatic One
  2. Poggle

    Web 2.0 Bubble

    Here Comes Another Bubble v1.1 - The Richter Scales YouTube- Here Comes Another Bubble v1.1 - The Richter Scales I found this 3 years ago. Thought I would infect you all with some ear worm! :D
  3. Poggle

    Waterworld vs BP

    Waterworld (1995) Opening to jog your memories YouTube - Waterworld (1995): Opening BP Spills Coffee (re-link) guest starring: Kevin Costner YouTube - BP Spills Coffee Ocean Therapy Solutions Kevin Costner is coming to save the day! Ocean Therapy Solutions | Home Kevin Costner will...
  4. Poggle

    My DeJa Vu

    Dudes and dudettes. I had a strong experience tonight. As I was scrolling the forum and I felt deja vu. It has been 9 months since my last experience of deja vu. It hit me like a hurricane. My eyes got real wide and I started ringing up everyone I knew. I have to tell them! That's why I...
  5. Poggle

    What is a Publisher, an Advertiser, and an Affiliate?

    Guys what is the difference between a Publisher, Advertiser, and an Affiliate? I Googled my question but all I get is wiki entries. I need to know from an IM perspective. For example if you go to MaxBounty you will see "Publishers" and "Advertisers" but both of them take me to a different...
  6. Poggle

    Find the T Rex in this picture

    This is an lingerie add and no nudity. We are such simple humans. Easily manipulated. NSFW NSFW Bet you didn't find it huh? I meant to share this as an idea for editing your current pictures "to go find something in the photo" Or...
  7. Poggle

    Deus Ex Human Revolution

    YouTube- Deus Ex: Human Revolution NEW "They Can't Stop The Future" E3 2010 Trailer Robocop + Bladerunner
  8. Poggle

    1984 Apples Macintosh Commercial

    YouTube- 1984 Apple's Macintosh Commercial What happened to that world full of color? When the apple logo was full of rainbows and unicorns? A world where its devices did not take the appearance of sterile psychiatric instruments. In the year 2010 Apple products look like they belong in a...
  9. Poggle

    Memoirs of Poggle: The Pog Who Shagged Me

    Before the internet there was the journal Renaissance men wrote their thoughts, hopes, and dreams down in journals to reprogram themselves. Often they were surrounded by bad humans who told them they would never amount to anything and that they should give up on their dreams. Having a journal...
  10. Poggle

    Awkward Moments

    YouTube- Awkward Moments - THE BIRTHMARK Now its your turn!
  11. Poggle

    Myspace Email Inbox U Can Change That URL

    I don't know if this has happened to anyone else yet so bear with me. So let me tell you what happened. I was logged in overnight and when I woke up I started messaging some acquaintances of mine. Next thing I know MySpace is letting me have a address. So I was like yeah...
  12. Poggle

    Splash! Are you ready kids?

    Hey kids, guess who's here? Poggle's here! Oh! Who lives in a star apple under the sea? Poggle Underpants! Who? Poggle Underpants! Yay! Used to log into WickedFire and follow Nicky Cakes. :burnout: