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  1. famemonster

    Sick Submitter Questions

    I am getting a message that sick can not connect to server. It says to check if your firewall is not blocking Port 9090 or 4467 and then it says Submitter will close now. It is happening on my second pc as well, I went to my friends house yesterday and installed it and it worked perfectly. Does...
  2. famemonster

    FB @ Goog Bypass

    Hey Guys, hope every1 is having a good night. I was wondering if any1 knows how to bypass the telephone requirement for FB and Gogl? I have been making accounts and recently every time I try it asks me for a number and wont let me start a account. I am either under cryptocloud vpn seperare proxy...
  3. famemonster

    You Tube Partner / Adsense

    Hi Guys, I was wondering if I could some help with this. I recently applied to youtube to link my adsense pub id to my videos as I am driving more and more traffic to my you tube page. They turned me down and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on videos Youtube will approve someone...
  4. famemonster

    Introduce Myself

    Hey everyone my name is Edgar but most call me E. I live in NY and am an entrepreneur. I just got started this year in affiliate marketing. I am single and looking for a trustworthy,short, tan, petite, brunette women; if that is enough adjectives, lol. Glad to meet every1.