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    need your help to decode this script

    hello, maybe someone can help me to decode this and remove the license. thanks a lot. <?PHP /* WARNING: This script is protected. Any attempt to reverse engineer, debug or de-code this file or its dependent files is strictly prohibited */ $codelock_rfiled=dirname(__FILE__); if ($codelock_file...
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    what to do with 2500 dollars need ideas

    guys i need ideas i need to make money i have 2500 to invest.. thanks
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    Please comment on my new site

    I need help please comment on my new site. silverphotoframeshop com tell me what i need and where to get the services.. thanks
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    Which is the network that this people are using.

    i want to signup for this the network that this site is using, can you please help me to find out. Which is ? this is the site asseenontvcenter com thanks a lot.
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    Hi all

    happy to be part of this community, looking forward to learn a lot from the pros.. and get help as well.. thanks