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  1. klix

    Affiliate links and PPC

    Yes, you definitely can make money this way. The entry barrier to making money this way is knowing what you're doing. You'll need to do reading and experimenting with your own money before you become profitable. Check out the PPC section here on MMD and read the articles linked to on
  2. klix

    1st account, need general guidance on tracking of my performance

    You can use something like prosper202 to track your links
  3. klix

    hello every one

    Enjoy the forum Mack! Lots of knowledge and a helpful community you can use.
  4. klix

    Hi There! I am New to MMD!

    Welcome to the forum sigmaman! Hope you enjoy it.
  5. klix

    C++ for absolute beginners

    Yep, tutsplus is good. I've come a long ways from coding as well. I was here in November 2010, didn't know anything, not even HTML. As I followed some methods I had to learn how to code more and more myself because I couldn't afford to outsource it. I made like 10 different sites (mostly landing...
  6. klix

    Do you need help or have questions?

    Do you need help or have questions? Then please post them at MMD Answers ( Ask your IM related Questions ) and not in this section. Posting in this section is for methods you want to share, not for anything else. Thank you
  7. klix


    Enjoy the forum Rob. Plenty of methods all over the place, try to get some ideas from them.
  8. klix

    Learning a New Tool

    Hey Lock, don't forget to stop by the chatbox
  9. klix

    Wordpress Question

    Did you set it up yourself? Maybe what you made was a link to a page. Try fiddling with the settings and see if you can change it.
  10. klix

    How to increase conversions?

    No. That site is not for conversions, that is for usability. To test conversions you have to do testing. Try different things and track everything with scripts. That is how you find out how things convert.
  11. klix

    Wow this place sounds like paradise....

    Marry one and you won't have to work again ;)
  12. klix

    Werddd to the UP!

    Welcome to the forum pharoah! Maybe you can find a method that you can build a bot for and automate to start off with.
  13. klix

    Wow this place sounds like paradise....

    For the US folk moving there isn't so easy. The US is such a great country and such a key to your success that you have to pay taxes no matter where you are in the world! Don't want to be a citizen / permanent resident anymore? Good luck! They rape you with taxes on your WORTH, not on your...
  14. klix

    Sick Submitter Questions

    What are you doing posting this in simply money making section? Just to get more views? Shame on you. To answer your question, it tells you the problem right there. Make sure neither ports are blocked. It could be your antivirus, or firewall software (most likely windows firewall). Allow the...
  15. klix

    Broke 19 Year Old Here!

    Welcome to the forum ashj. Good to see you're posting now.
  16. klix

    Hi from the Falls

    Enjoy the forum java. Hope you learn and contribute to it.
  17. klix

    New Member - Seoeymard Here

    Welcome to the forum seoeymard! Good luck with your CPA pursuits and hope you enjoy the forum.
  18. klix

    Driven, Enthusiastic (quite)Young Video Editor/IMnoob from Singapore.

    Welcome to the forum Kelvin, good luck with your site.
  19. klix

    Hi from arizona!

    Welcome to the forum Aaron, hope you enjoy it.
  20. klix

    Hi From Florida

    Hey Davey, I hope you enjoy the forum. Feel free to stop by the chatbox!