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  1. GreenSamurai

    Will iprental work with posting on Craigslist with a PVA

    Will iprental work with posting on Craigslist with a PVA
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    EzAutoResponder How do I send a follow up (AKA 2nd autoreply)?

    What the title says. I have it setup to use the smtp of hostgator and have it sending single responses but I need to send a follow up response. Thanks
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    CPA Acception Service for Canadian Residents? Will buy YOUR Cpa accounts...

    This thread is asking for members to break the RULES. Please make sure before you make posts that you check the RULES. Slapped wrist I am leaving this here and will ask everyone to read the rules found here...
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    Any CPA Approval Services Here?

    Need 5 CPA accounts asap. KillZone at BHW was supposed to do the job but he closed his doors to US only (I'm in Canada), and jacked the price to $60 PER! I can pay about $40+ per CPA accounts approved. So wondering if anyone here will start offering a service for this?
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    Any Methods to Profit From Mass PM'ing?

    What the title says. I know some stuff I guess, but I want a solid method. I'm currently using the "gaming" niche, but any other methods will do too! :)
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    List Of VBulletin ONLY Sites?

    Anyone have one? Just bought wowhaxor's pm marketer and need a place to start. Would appreciate it and will thanks and +rep tx again, ~.:Silencer:.~
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    HELP! How to Get BACK IN a CPA Network After being banned!?

    Could I just use my friends name on check and different address, different site and email, and that's it? Or do I have to get an ein? I'm in Canada, btw. thanks in advance and sorry for the noob question!
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    NeverBlue = SHIT CPA Network!

    Horrible CPA network. They banned me and didn't pay me my $1,000 I worked SO HARD FOR. Why? Because I posted my ref link at BHW. Jerks. FUCK EM. (This happened to me 2 weeks ago but thought I should warn you all) Maxbounty so far is good though. DISCUSS! Any CPA's you recommend?
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    Easy Cheesy CPA-Acception-easy! (CPA Acception)

    Quick Guide to Getting Accepted into Any CPA Network There seems to be a lot of stigma out there about CPA networks, the dreaded phone call and not being able to get accepted. In reality it is very easy to get accepted, CPA networks want you as you are how they make money...
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    $$$ Yahoo answers EASY CPA $$$

    Yahoo! Answers CPA Method: This is one of the oldest tricks in the book but it works VERY well with CPA offers. I mean, if it made so many sales with crappy ClickBank products where the person actually had to fork over cash just imagine the kind of dough you’re going to be rolling in with...
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    $4,000+ A MONTH eWhore TWIST!

    Ok for all who may have trouble making money ewhoring. I have used this twist for just over a month, spending an hour to two at most daily to get sales. It's not saturated and I may be the only one who has used it (until I hit submit on this post). I was using DatingGold for this, and...
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    Ewhore Method: Nice and SIMPLE!

    Prologue: This method works on fear. Step 1: Scrape a religious forum or a forum with a group of people that would be afraid if personal information of theirs was released. Step 2: Email them saying that you have some unfortunate news. You think somebody has a picture of them with a hidden...
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    This method is simple, but very effective in targeting people who are drug users. What we will do is use myspace to find people who are drug users, and probably on the special brownies (if you know what I mean). The affiliate program that we will use is legalbuds. First we will need to create a...
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    [REQ] PLEASE Reup this for me ASAP (Link included) WP PLUGIN: WPMIXER

    Black Hat Forum Please someone from BHW reup it thanks :) Thread: Nedd WpMixer Plugin For Wordpress - Black Hat Forum Site: Thanks in advance :) I need this ASAP
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    FREE Proxy For MMD Members!

    glype proxy Enjoy! Browse AD FREE!
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    Check out my TECH/ GAMING AUTOBLOG!

    The NintenHacker BLOG - The latest tech and gaming news. Join our forums! :) (Short version Tell me how it is :) This is an example of my premium autoblog service :)
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    I was looking at the MMD tags and look what I found! LOL!
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    Hi Silencer of BHW here :D

    Yeah I'm banned at BHW for a while like BHBodeezy Found this place after some searching. The shares look good here so I thought I should sign up and contribute :)