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  1. kickapooh

    Anyone Interested in an Adult Link Exchange?

    Anyone want to exchange links with me on It's a typo domain which is set up with a simple landing XXX page. It has an 'Embed Cam & Chat Room' live cam feed from Chaturbate and some ads from CrakRevenue. It's getting about 25k - 30k uniques a month consistently. I already have a...
  2. kickapooh

    I love it when this happens!

    I got a random check in the mail today for $252.85. I had absolutely no idea where it came from so I started looking back at all the affiliate programs I had sent some test traffic to this year. After about 30 of them I found it. I had sent about 5000 unique visitors to a cam site months ago and...
  3. kickapooh

    [METHOD] - my $500 a month method (for life) using free cams

    earnings screenshots: ps: click on the screenshot images when they come up to make them bigger
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    snuffy the seal

  5. kickapooh

    [GET] Hourly Updated SOCKS Proxy Lists

    Here is a hourly updated list of SOCKS proxies (scanned and posted every hour). Figured some of you guys could use it. Enjoy HTTP://SOCKSPROXYBARN.COM ps: If you need fresh HTTP proxies updated hourly visit my other thread...
  6. kickapooh

    Need some help with a trending domain I just hand regged. Tim was one of the guys featured on the show Storm Chasers. So I just bought the...
  7. kickapooh

    [GET] Hourly Updated HTTP Proxy Lists

    Here is a hourly updated list of HTTP proxies (scanned and posted every hour). Figured some of you guys could use it. Enjoy ;) HTTP://PROXYBARN.COM
  8. kickapooh

    Anyone looking for a Dating Site offereing PPF? Come on in...

    I see alot of people looking for dating programs that offer PPF. The thing about adult programs that offer PPF is that each and everyone of them is going to shave alot. The reason for this is because PPF traffic is usually garbage traffic that will never convert. If it was good traffic you'd be...
  9. kickapooh

    Quick question for the proxy gurus here.

    I'm looking to set up some proxy sites like this: but I'm not going to use free blogspot accounts. Does anyone know what scripts, if any, they are using on that site? I assume they have some type of software scanning proxies and auto uploading the good...
  10. kickapooh

    Doing big FB things ;) A little bird told me this person is making $3000 a month with multiple pages like this.
  11. kickapooh

    Quote of the day...

    "So he called you a homo. Big deal. There's nothing wrong with being a homosexual.... No, I'm not saying you're a homosexual. Jesus Christ. Now I'm starting to see why this kid was giving you shit."
  12. kickapooh

    Simple and Still Effective

    Believe it or not this shit still works when promoting cam sites. There are still people out there making huge money from uploading lots of videos just like the one here to Youtube. The following quote is from the owner of a cam site talking about conversions from Youtube videos I've...
  13. kickapooh

    Simple PHP Question

    Hi. I came across a PHP GEO Targeting script that has been modified to randomly pick a URL to redirect people from certain countries to. The problem I am having is it is redirecting them to the URLs it picks randomly in an iFrame. I was wanting to know how to take out the iFrame and just have...
  14. kickapooh

    [TUT] Kickapooh's Magnet Method

    It's been a while since I shared a method with you guys so... I've been doing pretty well lately with a simple offline advertising method. I recently moved to a big city and we live near a street with tons of stores and shops on it. The street is about 20 miles long and is one of those...
  15. kickapooh

    Best Dating Site Commercial [Must Watch]

    Dating Service Commercial (Jon Lajoie) - YouTube Good stuff right there..
  16. kickapooh

    WTF is wrong with this kid? (must watch video)

    He's got a death wish for real!
  17. kickapooh

    BANNED from Target

    My wife always insists I accompany her on her trips to Target. Unfortunately, like most men, I found shopping boring and preferred to get in and get out. Equally unfortunate, my wife is like most women - she loves to browse. Yesterday my wife received the following letter from the local...
  18. kickapooh

    Kickapooh's Newest Method - MMD Exclusive

    I accidentally posted the original thread in another MMD section but not sure if it will get seen much there. So here is a link to it. Figured I'd share a link to it here as well.
  19. kickapooh

    Blackhat Dating Site Method (.Y.) MMD Exclusive

    This method uses a form of e-whòring, is very blackhat, completely unethical and does take a small investment at first however it can easily make you a shitload of money. That's why I'm sharing it here with you... First of all we are going to need to sign up as an affiliate on a good adult...