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  1. Manny

    Manny Hernandez Click Cash Magnet Solo Ads

    The Key of Our Success is that Our List Grows Daily with Hundreds of Fresh Subscribers Collected from several sources of Premium Traffic Here’s a breakdown of what you get… Your Ad Goes to My Subscriber Lists 5k+ Buyers list Included 2k+ are WSO Buyers 80%+ Premium Top Tier 1 Traffic Over...
  2. Manny

    [BRAND NEW] Increase your Sales by 200% with this Revolutionary New Software!

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  3. Manny

    Make $10 for each site your Review

    Ok before I go on with this thread I will say this. I have NOT personally tried this yet. But what I do know is that is legit as it was featured tonight in one of the most reputable technology TV programs on the cnn spanish channel. Believe me if is being featured there is because this is...
  4. Manny

    Welcome New Moderator aelv15211

    The MMD Family is Proud to Announce the promotion of aelv15211 to Moderator Status. This guy is proof that hard work pays off. He has being active on the forum helping us fight spam and also sharing with members his experiences on how money is made online. Today he is getting promoted to...
  5. Manny

    SImple Method to Kill it with CPA Offers

    First Let me Say I did not invented this method. Actually this Method has being around for while and there are tons of ways that you can twist this and make great money. I found a nice break down on how to do this on a eBook and I though it was a good Idea to clean the crap out a share the...
  6. Manny

    SnowBall Effect Pro Webinar [Next Sunday @ 9pm EST Location MMD ChatBox]

    Want to grow your income like an unstoppable SnowBall? Want to learn a stupid simple way to Make $$ Online? Well if you answered yes then don't miss out. Next Sunday November 6, 2011 @ 9pm EST Location: MMD VIP ChatBox If you liked my Initial method then you will love this. I will be giving...
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    [Rave Reviews] Wow $88,124.50 in less than one Year all from College Students

    The Package The Proof Reviews This is Closed right now. We are working on a Full Remake of the Course along with a software that Automates most of the process. We estimate that should be ready for launch on late December or beginning of January. The...
  8. Manny

    Simple 2k per Month From CPA with no Traffic Investment. **HOT METHOD**

    First of All this is not my own share. The credit of this share goes to AntonVS who already shared this in the White Hat Download Section as you can see here I am sharing...
  9. Manny

    Simple Way to Bank Huge From ADFLY and Youtube

    Ok First of all I want to say that this is not my Share. All Credit Goes to bmatthews Since this is his share as you can see here
  10. Manny

    Make $100 Per Day Selling Domain Names to Small Business.

    I put this in action when I was tapped. whether or not you do it in an accurate manner there is an almost 100% conversion rate. 1. Look in the yellow pages. Find a business that already has a web site. 2. Call them up and ask whether or not they have a web site you can visit (to assure). 4...
  11. Manny

    New SEnuke X from A to Z Explination Here

    SEnuke X promise to change the SEO game. I just finished watching the video of all what is going to have inside and I have to say that if it does all that, then first place of Google will be a piece of cake. Watch the video here SEnuke X, SEnuke Blog - SE Nuke, Search Engine Optimization...
  12. Manny

    The Blackhat Way to make $4000 Per Month online

    I found this method in an eBook. Very Blackhat but I tested it and it works, so I decided to share it here just for MMD Members Method: 1. Go and register as a new user at - Get a Free Xbox 360 2. In order to make money in this site you need to complete an offer yourself. You...
  13. Manny

    Simple CL Method That Still Making Me Good CPA $$$

    This one has been making me an average of $150/day when I used it last time. This is what it’s all about. First of all you go ahead and create an email address. It can be whatever, gmail, yahoo… After you’ve gotten your email head back to craiglist list and post a new ad. You’ll need an offer...
  14. Manny

    Simple CPA Money With Youtube

    YouTube & Video Marketing The best working offers I found to convert with video marketing are actually ringtone offers. You have to make sure that the offer is easy to do once you pick it in order to make this method work. This method also requires an investment but from my experience every...
  15. Manny

    Simple Way to Bank Huge with Fiverr and Gigbucks

    Ok let me start by saying that I will try to keep this as simple as possible. We all know what is Fiverr (If not google it you will find out) and with this method we will use it to make huge bank but on Gigbucks. Gigbucks is website using Biverr (Fiverr Clone Scrip) and is gaining more traffic...
  16. Manny

    Make $200+ Profit Starting Today!

    The “magic solution†is called It is a site I have used for about a year to get blogroll links, blog posts, reviews, diggs, yahoo answers, video views, and more like completing CPA offers ( more on that to come! ) Pretty much, if it is a task that needs to be completed...
  17. Manny

    How to Make $8k-13k per month. If your afraid of hard work don't read this

    I Found this in another Forum and I tough that is great information to share. I didn't feel like rewriting so here it is. Following this principals is how Top Internet Marketers are banking the Big bucks. There is no magic method guys. top Money Makers here will tell you, Internet Marketing...
  18. Manny

    Simple Way to Make Money Online With Your Ipod Touch/Iphone/Ipad [Free]

    This method involves downloading and installing free apps, theres nothing else to it! You get between $0.15-$1.00 for each download. This is paid to your paypal INSTANTLY. Step 1: On your device, go on safari and type in hxxp:// in the url bar. (Must do this on your...
  19. Manny

    Simple CPA Method (BlackHat)

    The following method is BlackHat so make sure to cover your tracks if you don't know how to hide your refferer search on this forum there are plenty tutorials but I prefer using but is up to you how you do it. I will go straight to the point if you do not understand just don't do...
  20. Manny

    100% Free Money Making Metod

    I have posted below what Geostring Claim to pay to their members and I was wondering is that is really possible since they have a payout of $100.00. I haven't find nothing about this here at Moneymakerdiscussion Forum, if is already a thread that talk about this sorry. The Company who created...