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    Posting On Blogs For Backlinks...Yes/No?

    Blog Commenting is good method to get backlinks and traffic to your site but only comment at relevant blog of high PR.
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    Welcome to MMD community, Have a great time here!
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    How to check backlinks?

    Google Webmaster Tool and both are best resource to check backlinks.
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    What is your favorite SEO Strategy?

    My favorite seo strategy are social bookmarking, guest blogging, forum posting and blog commenting under my niche.
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    What is your favorite method of marketing?

    Mine is email marketing.
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    Hello Friends

    Welcome to MMD, I hope you will enjoy here.
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    ME too also.
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    What is your favorite book?

    Me too like Hamlet.
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    Best Time Of Day For Open Rates?

    Mostly people check your mail at morning and evening in my view. To get success in email marketing, you can use targeted mailing list.
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    Hello, I am Betweenwheels

    Welcome to this community, Nice to meet you!
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    Hi there

    Welcome to this forum, Have a nice stay here!
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    Hot niches on Facebook Marketing

    Real Estate and Internet Marketing both are hot niche on Facebook.
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    How about stickers?

    Yes, it is really good idea to increase leads and promote your business. You can use Email marketing to increase leads. This is another good method of marketing of products and services choose target mailing list to get success.
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    Not so secret method to doubling your clients sales

    Good idea to promote local business, if you use cold calling and e-mailing both together, you can increase sales easily.
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    which is best VPS or Aweber?

    Aweber is best option in my view, I always use targeted mailing list under my niche to get success in mailing. I do first cold calling and then mailing to increase sales leads. It's work good.
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    Help With Email Marketing

    Hi Friend, you should buy a targeted mailing list to get success in e-mail marketing and increase business sales.
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    advantages of social media optimization?

    Social Media Optimization helps to drive targeted traffic to your site or blog. Facebook, Google+, twitter and Pinterest all are most popular social networks now a days.
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    My Offline Affiliate Marketing Method

    It is really good offline marketing method, Thanks to share it.
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    Online Marketing / Advertising

    Online marketing is very important part of every business now a days to promote or advertise business online. There are many types of online marketing following. 1. E-mail Marketing 2. Blogging 3. Article Writing 4. Social Media Marketing 5. Affiliate Marketing etc
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    Email marketing software is a vital tool for business

    Email marketing is still effective way to promote or advertise business products and services to get effective result use targeted mailing list not software. They make ****, people who don't relate our niche no meaning to send mail them so always use updated and targeted list under your niche.