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  1. elialfgey

    Anyone Making Money with facebook?

    pleple pls share ur money making secret.. it will help us a lot.. i just promote few cpa offer game link and making money too...
  2. elialfgey

    how to get facebook fans without admin aceess - ??

    tell me hows it possible ? bez within 3 hours they send 300 fans in ur fan page... if they creat fake account - to log in all account it will take more time.. then hows it possible? i must say there is some other trick also .. pls mmd active member share here ..
  3. elialfgey


    lets see - is it really work or not .. But I don't like myspace...
  4. elialfgey

    how to get facebook fans without admin aceess - ??

    hello friends please tell me how to get fans without admin access ? I saw many people doing their service without admin access ! and within 3-4 hours they give 500 fans.... ( its not Twiends) i heard there is a script which can click the like when the account login.. and the invisible click...
  5. elialfgey

    The Gold Mine at Plenty of Fish

    I have some problem to register this site. pls give me some good proxy site.
  6. elialfgey

    Need Chat site - Reply Pls.

    Hello Everybody, To promote dating affiliate link or site I only use facebook . But I want to know some Free Adult Chat,Sex Chat, Cybersex site. where I can get lots of USA, Canada people. Pls advice me and suggest me . My email id - [email protected] I am waiting for your reply...
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    Craigslist removed Adult Services

    If you have any other site . Pls share here .
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    What to do in Facebook Group? Help me pls

    I am really very confused to see this type of message. :boring: When I join any group and try to post my website link/ url . I saw this message most of the time - "Warning: This Message Contains Blocked Content Some content in this message has been reported as abusive by Facebook users."...
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    CPA + SEO = Make $$$$ daily on Autpilot!

    Very good tips.. I will sure try it........... Thanks dear. pls share more.
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    CPA site for movies - Need help

    Thank you very much that here i got many reply. Its help me a lot. My site is very new .... and I just use CPAlead in my site. But I am not happy with the result. I don't know the reason also. Because I got clicks and many comments too . But get only 30 cent for CPAlead. I don't know how...
  11. elialfgey

    CPA site for movies - Need help

    Hi, I have a online movies site . Where people can see online free full movies. In that site I want to put CPA ads. Pls give me some good CAp site link. I will join under u . Thanks in advance.
  12. elialfgey

    Anyone know Pay Per Signup program that pays on Alertpay ?

    If you have a good list then please share here. I also want to know these.
  13. elialfgey

    I hate Adsense.....

    Fell bad for all of u...... My suggestion - next time when u use adsense - then check ur daily earning . If you find anything wrong then report immediately to Adsense.. They will never ban u ..
  14. elialfgey

    Thank You MMDcash!

  15. elialfgey

    awempire review

    awempire - is it really paying or not ? is there anybody who got paid by them. Pls reply.
  16. elialfgey

    Please help me friends

    Hi, Please help me friends, I want to know only those company ( adult dating site) who are paying free sing up . like - per sing up $1/ $2 only.. Do u know any good adult Affiliate networks?Then Pls share here . or Pm me . I will join under u . Thanks in Advance.
  17. elialfgey

    If you use CashUniversity's datesafeguard lander

    They are changing a lot now-a-days. lots of confusion . I miss that $2 free sing up offer - which is gone.. too bad.........
  18. elialfgey

    CU stats?

    I am really very unhappy .. Bez CU stop paying that $2 - per sing up program.. I like it very much. But its gone totally...
  19. elialfgey

    How much did steal from you?

    I tried to join there few days ago but only saw this message - "QuickBuck is no longer accepting new affiliates." and in news I saw that - "After more than 10 years in the business we regret that we are no longer accepting new affiliates. If you make your living promoting adult affiliate...
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    Adult Network paying DAILY!!

    If you don't mind can you please share here all 3 companies name that have paid daily. - Waiting for your reply. Thanks.