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  1. Boosey12

    Best way to get Google traffic - Social Bookmarking

    I'm gonna be straight up with you guys.... If you wanna get something on the first page of Google within 2 weeks.... USE SOCIAL BOOKMARKING SITES!!! I personally use Digg... but you can use Stumbleupon/ Technorati/, and many others!!! What I do is : 1. find something I want on...
  2. Boosey12

    Anyone got E-Mail Opt-In lists???

    looking for 500,000 - 5,000,000 Targeted e-mail addresses :D need an opt-in list for people looking to make money online... Hook me up :D, I'll hook you up!!!
  3. Boosey12

    $200 A Day/ Dropshipping/ Selling on eBay

    Very simple stuff guys, Perfect for people just starting out online Don't get too caught up in the in's & out's of this method... and DON'T try to re-invent the wheel... this works... and it's really easy!! I made a thread on this a while ago.... don't know if it was BHW or somewhere...
  4. Boosey12

    Finally made $2419.62 From GPT Sites!!!

    I've been making some money with GPT (Get Paid To) sites for a while now.... I started off doing surveys/offers, and then I moved on to referring members, and it kinda took off!!! I've made about $2419.62 so far this month with GPT sites ALONE!!!! Here's my site, I got all the GPT sites I...