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    Are the keyword in the title matters?

    Yup, the title is one of THE most important factors in ranking.
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    $500 in your pocket within a few days! Guaranteed if you get your "ASS" off the couch and forums...

    I can agree with the OP on this one. Lots of businesses on Google Places/Maps that have no online presence, pitch them and you'll be in business! "The business of business is business" - Miltion Friedman
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    Hello, a noob here

    Welcome aboard buddy and enjoy your stay!
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    You know why other networks HATE US? is the best adult affiliate network online!

    Re: You know why other networks HATE US? We are the best adult affiliate network online! It seems, this is the way to go. Application pending!
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    This is clever, albeit pretty blackhat ha. Some people deserve it I guess!
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    What's up guys?

    Thanks bud, you seem to have quite a tightly knit community.
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    Blog Commenting Urgent Question

    That should be enough, if the page is DoFollow. In my opinion, I would suggest you aim to get nofollow links but on high Alexa, niche targeted websites. You'll get clickthroughs which will be more valuable than just a dofollow link on a crappy blog.
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    What's up guys?

    Well, you buy me a couple of drinks and I might retract that statement.
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    What's up guys?

    Hey! I'm Rick, and I'm an alcoholic. Kidding.. :) I'm the guy from Answer Assault. Some of you may have dealt with me before, others not so much. In any case, it's good to be here and I look forward to getting in touch you guys (and girls). Wooosh.