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    Has anyone tried this on a golf site as recommended in the OP?
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    Who am I?

    Do they work? Pretty skeptical about these things and power bands...
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    Hi There!

    hi ewillms - i am a golf pro with a golf product online. I'll drop you a pm. cheers doug
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    Hi from Australia

    Thanks for all the welcome replies. Finding heaps of good stuff on here. Now to focus on the right ones.
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    Hi from Australia

    Thanks guys, I am already in the jungle lol - and looking for a way out!
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    You could advertise the offer on pizza boxes of pizza deliveries that go the the student accommodation. Just go halves with the owner of the pizza place...
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    (Free!) 10 tools that can help your business owner’s site rank above their competition

    Thank you for the info posted in this thread. Great advice. A good Google Places listing is handy as well.
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    Fast And Easy Offline Profits.....Renting Out My First Page Google Tradesmans Websites

    Great ideas Nico, thanks a lot. As a golf pro, have you got any ideas for me or would you like any golf information from me about to help develop golfer's offline sites?
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    Second Post as in welcome pm - I have a good golf product

    Hi I am Doug Kercher, a golf pro from Australia. Any keen golfers who want to check out my golf program are welcome to review it and hopefully give me any suggestions how to get some sales. I have a couple of sites that will be ready in a week or so. Thanks Doug
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    Hi from Australia

    Hi My name is Doug Kercher from Tugun Gold Coast Queensland Australia. Looking forward to checking out the offline stuff and developing my golf site. I am a golf pro with a big ebook about a golf training program. Thanks Doug