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  1. Gucci

    Will CPATANK send a tax form for 2012 earnings?

    Impossible to contact these people. Do anyone know if they will send tax forms out? They went out of business and its hard to contact anyone
  2. Gucci

    Is there a free captcha program i can use for senuke x?

    I need a free capcha bot for senuke x. Anyone know where I could get one? I got senuke 2.4.15
  3. Gucci

    Soceity invite

    Can someone invite me into the society? Currently making $800+ a day
  4. Gucci

    Affillion pay?

    Hey, im new to affillion. I joined 2 days ago and im at like 700 bux. how do i cashout?? I want weekly pay what do i do?
  5. Gucci

    what's good to study in college?

    what should i study in college??
  6. Gucci

    Need a new cpa network

    Any suggestions? Looking for a cpa network that got email submits that isn't blamads or adscendmedia. Blamads offers aren't tracking for me so im just gonna go somewhere else.. Incentive Email Sumbits!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Gucci


    WATCH THE NEWS HE'S DEAD:trytofly:
  8. Gucci

    wasted 200 dollars

    Need some help. I put $200 dollars on leadimpact because i listen to someone at a cpa network and now no one will show/teach me how to market any offers their. Any help?
  9. Gucci

    What can I do with?

    What can I do with $200 dollars, a adscendmedia account which makes $0 dollars a day, and my laptop at age 17? Try to go from $0 dollars to something.
  10. Gucci


    Hello. Im new to cpa. If i join can I have someone to show me methods and ways to make money?? Tried of being broke:bawling:
  11. Gucci

    Money missing what to do???

    I got a problem and im not sure wat to do. I work on cpaleads and it say they sent my direct deposit on feb 28th like always but this time it never made it to the bank. the bank never got the deposit i dont know what to do...
  12. Gucci

    heres my autoblog now what?

    what do i do now?? making 0 bux off this autoblog people told me could make me $1000s a month News of The Future
  13. Gucci Question: How do I get fake people in to boost views?

    How do I get fake people in to boost views? Like when im boardcasting it say maybe 1/200 people but i seen other people boardcast and get like 300/300 people almost instantly as if they had a proxy program that sits on website to fake the counter go up.
  14. Gucci

    CPA Question: How do I get my own content unlocker? With timer

    How do I get my own content unlocker for my blog site? I need one that i can load with my own email submits and that will pop up after a few minutes.
  15. Gucci

    Question about ppv with cpa from the noobie

    Hello MMD! Im looking for new methods for cpa. In the past i been direct linking people to my email submit. only gets me $40 bux a day maybe $50 on a good day. Should I do ppv? Like what is it and where to start???:questionmark:
  16. Gucci

    Why im i not in twitter real time results???

    I dont get it. Im trying to post with the keyword #whenIwasakid. 1st i posted: #whenIwasakid I got my 1st ipod free (mylink) 2nd: #whenIwasakid They gave me free ipods (mylink) But when i search #whenIwasakid theirs no post their that i posted and i posted liek 38 times. i even tried other...
  17. Gucci

    Any new cpa methods yet?

    Anyone got any new cpa methods or ways to get lots of leads?
  18. Gucci

    How do you redirect something to a cpa offer on blogger?

    Hello! Im trying to make it to where when someone clicks the download button on my website a message appears saying they must complete a offer 1st but I want them to go to my email submit instead of a content unlocker
  19. Gucci

    Detective Help Needed

    Hey everyone! I was just wondering how do people find all the top you are doing online with just your username. Example on "A Certain Website" My username is Gucci and all it gives the person is my referral link in which i never ever used it to promote a day in my life so you can't find that on...
  20. Gucci

    Need Help With NotePad

    Does anyone know of a program that could put a comma or something at the end of each name in notepad? Example: NotePad ----------------- kaytheman, Funna128, TitanTanguisFTW, ca91101 TheBrandanbrown Hellya155 pungkvisen mightymugz superbaseball4 newmw2glitches See I don't want to have to...