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  1. greersva

    Lucas Adamski is not trustworthy!!! BEWARE!!! (Shark Minisites)

    This is my opinion, and I will explain. I am not sure if anyone else saw his ads a few weeks back, He runs a minisite business called Shark's or something... He was having a contest where the first 4 people to respond to his thread got FREE minisite web design from him. I answered , and...
  2. greersva

    Does the use of a Sub-Domain hurt your rankings??? (Please read the whole thread first.)

    My questions is, will putting a website on a sub-domain hurt your ability to rank your site. For example. say you were building a site on golfing. Say for the sake of money, you had a domain that you had and it was the name of your company, ex .ABC , so here's the question...
  3. greersva


    CAN SOMEONE GIVE ME A MONEY MAKING SUGGESTION THAT CAN HAPPEN QUICKLY, AND CAN PAY TO PAYPAL??? Say, I needed to raise 500.00 bucks by the end of the week. Of course it could be a little less. PLEASE HELP!! SG
  4. greersva

    Hello Everyone!! Victim here , trying to survive..

    My name is Scott, I am a new internet marketer. I have been working in the arena for about a year. I have fallen victim to a lot of scams and crap. I am now in a situation, where I need to make money. If anyone feels nice enough to lend a struggling, honest, fellow internet marketer a hand...