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    How To Appear On The First Page Of Google With The Help Of These 4 Tips

    Let’s start with a million-dollar question! Every website owner wants to rank his website on the first page of google with the help of realistic SEO Techniques. Although it sounds somewhat exaggerated, it is. About 75% of people don’t visit the second page of Google when they are searching for...
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    PowerShell Vs CMD (Command Prompt): What is Key Difference?

    If you are a Windows administrator and spend most of your time working in the Windows environment, you may have come across the term CMD and PowerShell many times. But what is the difference between these PowerShell and CMD? In this article, you will get a comprehensive overview of PowerShell Vs...
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    How Long Does It Take to Create a Website & Live it on Server?

    There is an ongoing debate as to how long does it take to create a website. There are those who say that a person can learn how to build a website in a day and be up and running with a brand-new website the next day. These people are usually well-meaning, and the best person for the job would be...
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    600+ Advertising & Digital Marketing Tips by Industry Experts

    We have compiled a comprehensive list of advertising and digital marketing tips to help you make an effective marketing strategy. In this article, you will get actionable advice for 34 categories and marketing areas from the most outstanding marketers all the time. Please take note of all the...
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    How to Focus on Yourself to Succeed in Business

    Some personal methods are beneficial to be successful in business and private life. Communication and life consultant explained the most effective of these methods for you. Although we work with different business life roles, there is a concept that brings us together at a common point, which is...
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    Best WordPress Translation Plugins For Multilingual Audience

    In this digital world, creating websites in two or more languages is quite frequent in different business segments on the internet. Whether you are a service provider who wants to expand your geographic reach or a company with customers worldwide, you need to translate the content as per the...
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    SAN vs NAS: The Comprehensive Guide with A Detailed Comparison

    Both NAS (network-attached storage) and SAN (storage area network) were created to fix the issue of making saved data or information available to several users at the same time. When we talk about SAN vs NAS, the storage area network shares the storage to a dedicated network, and...
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    Launching A Web Site With No Experience Has Now Become A Reality

    The total world population is almost 7.8 billion and more than 4.6 billion users are connected with the internet. Almost every business brand is launching a web site and using the social media trick to promote their product or services because a number of internet users are spending their time...
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    What Can Someone Do With Your IP Address and How to Prevent?

    Nowadays, privacy is a vital part of any website having an online presence on the internet either it is a financial institution or informational website each need a secure environment to survive. What can someone do with your IP address and how to prevent data breaches? It is a very common...
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    100+ DevOps Interview Questions You Must Prepare To Get Job

    DevOps stands for Development and Operations is a well-renowned software development practice that most of the organizations adopt into their workflow. With the help of DevOps, the development and distribution of software products are revolutionized. According to Forrester (a top research firm)...
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    What is E-Business | Meaning, Types, Components, Model and Features

    Electronic Business (E-Business) is the administration of conducting any business using internet, extranet, web and intranet. This would include buying and selling of goods or services using commercial transactions conducted electronically along with providing customer or technical support with...
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    E-commerce Process Automation | 14 Things Every Online Business Should Implement

    There is no doubt hard-working can grow your eCommerce or online business but you have to implement different processes to automate your business operations for getting higher ROI (Return Over Investment) value. Once there was a time when process automation was considered only for big...
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    Recommend me a good VPN please!

    I use EasyVPN on chrome and zenmate on firefox, both are pretty good.
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    What do you do in your free time?

    In these days when I have to spend most of the time indoors due to the lockdown situation, I am spending my free time playing video games. At the moment I am mostly playing call of duty: Warzone and I am really excited about couple of upcoming RPG games "Assassin's Creed Valhalla" and "Cyberpunk...
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    Find Out What is Affiliate Marketing| An Ultimate Guide for Marketers

    If you are a marketing professional then there are a lot of chances that you might have gone through the term affiliate marketing. In any case, you want to hear more before setting out on your affiliate marketing venture. Maybe you’re a blogger, website owner, SEO/SEM expert or any agency...
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    Avoid scams about making blogger comments do follow

    Yes, there is no option to make blogger blog comments dofollow in free blogs :)
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    Steps To Make Google Penguin Love Your SEO

    Thank you for sharing these useful tips, hopefully it will help all the SEO people to get their desired results.
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    What is the difference between domain and hosting. How do I get it?

    For wordpress you can easily regsiter with them and pay their fee and you will get a domain name of your choice and also can managed your website using all wordpress features OR you can also sign up with a hosting company and choose their wordpress web hosting offer, there are many many...
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    Which color do you like about rose?

    It got to be red